what 2.3 fords came with a front mount intercooler?

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  2. It is my plan to use the Large NPR, I dont like the price but I know that in the end it would be worth it because of what the capibilities are. I am not sure on what radiator I would like to use yet though, i was thinking a two row, but I may go three still.
  3. Easy, Do what I tell my gf, "If I ever say something that can be interprited in more than one way. I meant the one that makes you happy."
  4. What are the prices on the Large NPR in Va? I am looking at around 250 here for one.
  5. doesn't sound far off. They can be anywhere from 150 to 300 it seems.
  6. Sorry about not responding sooner, I'm a little distracted and thinking of my SVO is not helping me :nonono:

    I'm not sure what the Larger NPR looks like if you want the truth ;) In fact I don't right off hand know if I've ever seen a normal NPR IC or know what it's coming off of :eef: I know I suck :p
  7. http://turboford.org/npric/
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  9. Well I guess I will go ahead and save money for the transmission first since I will be needing that sooner.
  10. Thats pretty sweet looking and thanks for the links guys :nice: I just need to get off my butt and do some messuring and see how hard it would be to actually use my three core radiator.

    Does anyone have a picture of this installed looking at the front of the car?

    Ps I got first on this page :p
  11. Pro-hawk...you can't use the NPR with the stock radiator...you'll need a Ranger radiator or equivelent...same goes for nearly any large sized FMIC.
  12. Ya thats what I was afriad of :( I'm just trying to use this one since I barely bought it not that long ago. Maybe I can sell it off and buy a nice small aluminum Ranger radiator :D
  13. and the ranger radiator will fit right in?
  14. Sure it will, most all radiators are a piece of cake to fit, rarely can you find a radiator that wont fit.
  15. Don't get me lieing about how but yes a Ranger radiator will fit plus have room to run FMIC piping around it :nice:
  16. slightly incorrect

    in 1986 I belive they had "race preped Svo's that had a front mount intercooler, check with schultz at svoca he has one i belive ( saw it in mm&ff)
    have the issue at work will updaye with the issue. (but really rare to say the least. :flag:
  17. They had a "comp prep" svo but it didn't have an FMIC...as stated, the only way to get a 2.3 Turbo Ford with an FMIC was the aftermarket or buy picking up the FMIC kit from Ford Motorsport back in the day...