what a joke...

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  1. I have an 06 GT and was curious if all the stories about crazy prices were true about the Shelby, so I emailed Bickford Ford and asked them what they were selling for and if they could ship the vehicle. Here is the email I received back word for word:

    "Our Shelby's are selling for 25k over MSRP. Drop ship is available as long as customer signs waiver concerning this dealership responsibility.

    Rob Nunley
    Phone: 360-568-2122
    Fax: 360-568-8255
    [email protected]"

    Hope Ford takes notice of this and next time they decide to sell and advertise a car they will just go ahead and make the MSRP 25K over what they were planning. This is insulting to consumers and just plain stupid. Not sure what some people are thinking paying that price, but we can all thank them for supporting what apparently is a limitless mark up market. Think I'll just wait to spend 65k for the Challenger, Camaro or Vette...and I'm die hard Ford fan that's never owned anything but Fords.
  2. You called a dealer on the opposite corner of the country? Wow that would be some driving to get that deal. But I could have told you they would be over MSRP. They want something like $10k over on regular saleens.
  3. i called these clowns and they told me they wanted 71,000 for a tungsten with white stripes gt500...
    i laughed and said i would wait 6 months and pick it up
    for MSRP... freekin choadsmokers....
  4. I e-mailed them and said they should be ahame of them selves for sticking to people! :nono
  5. ...the reason I emailed them is because when I did a search for anyone selling them on google, they were the first that I saw. Wasn't really planning on going there for one, just wanted to see if all the hype about 25k over invoice was true. At 65k, I could get a nice new Porsche Cayman S.....
  6. The first one in out area sold for $75k I believe.

    Ford is not the culprit for these outrageous prices. Its the foolish consumer who gives in and the arrogant private dealer who decides he wants $25 over msrp. If nobody buys one for that much, they price wil drop.

    To call the Shelby a $70k car is preposterous, it is still a $43k Mustang.

    There are some who can afford to spend the first release asking price, and thats good for them, but unfortunate for those who are forced to wait 6 months for the prices to drop.
  7. This is what makes America so great... it's called supply and demand. It's a luxury item in high demand and limited supply. If I was a dealer and was only allocated 1-3 units, I'd sell them for as much as I could too...
  8. Another thing that makes America so great is our freedom to complain about things. Especially about overpriced cars that we really want.
  9. Thats why Im buying a Vette next time around. Screw the GT500.
  10. I know a dealer asking $7500 over and they can get it, but wait folks, the price will fall within the years end