What A Spoiler.....

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  1. Well, I've had major intentions on getting rid of my Saleen spoiler as I have kitchen counter tops in my house and I sure as hell don't need any on my car so it had to go not today but yesterday but here is where my dilemma starts... This was the previous owners idea and I could see how it could be a good idea but in my opinion, its days were numbered the day it went on!

    So I take off the table......
    spoiler1.jpeg spoiler2.jpeg
    I see boogered up existing welds and it made me wonder. I always knew the old lx holes were welded up but then I see this...
    not a one fuggin hole lines up. So obviously all the old holes were welded and the holes for the Saleen spoiler redrilled. This sucks..... What can I do now? Need some opinions.
  2. Find a new hatch or reweld and drill new holes seems like your two options.

    Unless you put your counter top back on.
  3. If the holes are all underneath the GT spoiler, then just put some rubber plugs in the old holes, redrill the new holes, and move on. Unless you really want to replace or repair/repaint the hatch to fill some holes you will never see.
  4. That is NOT an option!
  5. Maybe the only option I have aside from a new trunk lid
  6. That was obviously my sarcasm.

    You could just do what Twighlight suggested and plug and redrill.
  7. plug and redrill bro tis the only path to fulfillment
  8. Make sure you put some rustoleum rust neutralizing spray paint on that bare metal that's already started to rust or when you do go to paint the car the rust will be worse.
  9. I got cha bud!!! As much as I don't want to drill any "new" holes, I'm obligated if I want the wing. If it takes drilling some new holes for a new wing, any thing is better than my busted Saleen!
  10. hell, just shadetree it. Slap some JB on both sides of the holes, sand it down, prime paint and drill out the new ones.. no one will ever see it under the wing.
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  11. I ran into the same issue. YEars ago when i though it was cool, i put a Saleen spoiler on my car.

    Now i'm older and smarter and wanted to put the LX wing back on. Problem is I filled every single hole on the hatch and redrilled for the Saleen wing. Only 1 hole on each side was reused, so i can use that for my orientation to redrill the other 11 holes.

    However, my rear defroster doesn't work due to damaging some of the lines. Debating just getting a new hatch if i can find a clean, rust-free one.
  12. Does anyone make a less obnoxious spoiler as a bolt-on replacement for the Saleen? That might be the only other option. But you are going to miss that spoiler for holding small parts and keeping your beer from sliding off of the trunklid. If you take it tailgating you could put a small barbecue on there too. I'd just keep it. :)
  13. Cervini makes a nice cobra wing for hatchbacks
  14. i had the same issues when i pulled my saleen wing off. a few of mine lined up and a few didnt so i just opened a few of them up with a unibit and used washers under the studs
  15. Ewwwwweeeeeee, that stinks man.
    Hmmmmmm, ....decisions!!!
    You can find a hatch later and get it painted but doing a fix cheaply would be to plug, patch etc ...and cover that puppy up.
  16. why does it really matter whats under the wing?
  17. If its me, I cover that bad boy up and it's a forgotten memory. Until the entire hatch rusts out and the back window goes flying off at the track....lol J/K that wouldn't happen for a LONG time after you're gone:drool:
  18. So is elarm1 dying? Or are you saying cars don't rust? ;)

    Just grind off all the studs with a body grinder (or cut them off with a sawzall if your body grinder is at your neighbors). Go get one of them big @$$ industrial tubes of liquid nails. Spread it on the spoiler with the finger you DON'T pick yer nose with! (experience talking). Drop it on the decklid nice and straight and go have a beer. Peanut butter jelly time! :banana:
  19. Other than a cobra you could do a steeda wing, looks like a lx wing but a touch bigger.
  20. Tomato/[email protected] I think it would rust slowly :eek: :rlaugh: