What about the GTS???

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 95.0Stang, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. I was wondering why there is no area for the GTS crowd...we are a rare breed of our own!!!
  2. I agree. This is the only thing Ford did that was close to the LX 5.0. As a prior owner of a '93 5.0 LX coupe I appreciate the GTS. I've got a '98 GT with cloth interior but I would love to get rid of the spoiler and all the power stuff. Just adds weight and is something else to go wrong. I want it with no options right down to no radio and AC. Just motor, wheels and tires.
  3. Ford made over 6,370 GTS's I had one with Bright Blue with black interior and auto. I wish I had it back now:nonono: :( Ford made over 197 the Bright Blue ones.

  4. <a href="http://www.hillie16.stangnet.com/"><img src="http://www.hillie16.homestead.com/files/GTSbanner9.jpg"></a>
  5. i agree about the GTS forum. Should definitely have one. One of the low production mustangs. Should be remembered.
  7. I found out 2 days ago but really confirmed today that I have a GTS. 1 of 96 1995 Sapphire blue Mustang GTS
  8. Mine is pretty much equipped like a GT. It was optional at the purchase to get A/C,power windows, doors etc. But little hints here and there confirmed that It is actually a GTS
  9. what do you gts's weigh?
  10. I heard about 200 pounds lighter then the GT mainly because of the weight of the seats, and spoiler, and power stuff that is not on ours.
  11. Gts Id?

    Here's a stupid (maybe) question...is there a VIN code or some other way to know for sure that a car is a GTS? My registration actually reads "Mustang GTS" on it...but the car is loaded: Mach460, wing, fog lights, leather, power seats, lumbar, pw, pdl, pm, cruise, auto, a/c...everything, I believe, except rear defrost, and no CD player. Does have the 16" 5 spokes on it, though...

    What gives? Is the car a "loaded GTS", which would completely defeat the "point" of a GTS? Or is my registration just confused?

    Just wondering...
  12. GTS with a spoiler

    i have a GTS but its got a spoiler. i was told it was added on at the factory but i dont know. here is a link to my site1995 Mustang GTS
  13. Kinda off topic but are you a fan of The Shield hillie? Noticed your little icon thingy.

    And don't panic, if I remember correctly I believe you could get all those options on a GTS too if you ordered it.
  14. My 95 GTS weighs in at 3220 with a 1/2 a tank of gas in it. my brothers 94 GT weigh in at 3430. I would definatly say they are lighter. My car didn't have a spoiler when it was new but the previous owner installed it. The info I found said that there where 846 white 5-speed cars built in 95. Maybe someone has better info.
  15. sorry to revive a dead thread but i just realized my car was a gts and was wondering what is so special about em? are they just more race inclined since theyre lighter?
  16. They're just stripped down, simplier GTs. They're lighter but not significantly from what I understand. They don't have anything mechanically that makes them special from a GT
  17. were they more / less expensive?
    im assuming less?
  18. Less I believe