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  1. has anyone used or know anything about the tuners that change the maf signal. im not even really sure what the point would be but im just throwing it out there. i know you guys are gonna hate me and flame me for it but what about the APEXi s-afc. you can adjust quite a few things with it think. or that unit that plugs in between the mass air meter and the harness that has a box that you can adjust the signal. just wondering

    what about wideband o2 controllers and whatnot. i think they should also be covered in here
  2. Are you talking about the MAF Optimizers?
  3. Anyone have a link? Google is being picky on this subject :nonono:
  4. those things are a pain in the balls to tune... but they work.
  5. Now that I think about it...

    A wideband O2 would almost be required to tune one. :shrug:

    Also, as you are tuning with this optimizer, the computer is going to be fine tuning with its adaptive ability. I'm not sure how you could disable the adaptive ability without an handheld tuner?

    This would make tuning a little tough.

  6. you have to have a wide band or you will never get an accurate reading without it... that stuff can be expensive/might not be worth the money for the little bit you will gain from it...
  7. I'm no rocket scientist when it comes to MAF extenders that are being mentioned but yes... you would need osme way totune it. No... adaptive control does not need to be turned of and...

    From what I understand, they are used for interpreting the MAF voltage coming FROM the MAF and condition those signals so that they are readable by the EEC.

    For instance: Let's say you have a meter that is pegged. It puts out more than 5 volts sue to their being too much CFM. You can use this optimizer to recondition the signal to bring it back down into range.

    Now... every time you make a change to that optimizer, you also have to make changes to the MAF transfer curve in the EEC. It will otherwise continue to process the fuel table comenserate with what it thinks the meter is reading in CFM.
  8. My comment about the adaptive ability of the eec was made because I envision someone installing this device then going for a drive to test it out. After a short drive you pull over and make a small change to the device, followed by more driving.
    I don't like this process as there are 2 variables that are being changed at the same time. While the driver is making changes to the optimizer, the computer is also making changes to the injector pulsewidth.

    As I understand Reference Voltage there is a maximum output of 5v for any Vref sensor, since 5v is what is being supplied to the sensor.

    As I understand it most people using these optimizers/extenders are not using tuners, so they have no access to the MAF Transfer.

    In my mind these units work similar to the enrich/lean function in the MAF Transfer section of CalEdit.

    By turning the knob you can enrich or lean the output of the MAS. Basically, you create a custom MAS output signal to match your MAF Transfer and Injectors. The Injectors and MAF/MAS do not need to be calibrated to eachother, and the MAS signal is modified so that it works well with the MAF Transfer already existing in the EEC.

    Hope I don't offend the new moderator and get :ban:

    By the way congrats Daggar
  9. Not at all...

    I've see and talked to a few folks who've used these things and that's about it. No practical experience yet although it's coming in the very near future. I'll be using one of these devices along with a Lightning Mass Air meter for the new combo.

    One thing I would like to pint out is that it's functions are nothing like anything available in the TwEECer. A simpler explanation of what it does might be "Rescales the voltage output of the MAF sensor prior to sending it's signal to the EEC".

    What I think you were suggesting is that it can used for more than what I'd posted above. I agree. My description was just an attempt to explain it's function and not to try and explain what all could or could not be done with it.

    our EEC's, even with the help of a TwEECer are only able to read MAF output voltages up to what... 4.999998 V or something to that effect. With one of these extenders, you can use a meter that puts out signals all the way up to the reference voltage of 12V and rescale it down to 5V.... but yes... I don't see why you couldn't also use it for say... a Cobra mass air meter to skew it's output to more closely match what the EEC might expect from an OEM GT meter.

    We're talking about basically the same fuctions but are approaching it from different angles.

    One of these things along WITH a TwEECer is ideal! You could take an OEM meter and peg the crap out of it then rescale the output to within the 5V range and customize the transfer function to adapt for the changes in CFM vs. voltage and the incremental variations between 0 and 5 V vs. CFM. No more pegged meter. :)

    Thanks for the grats. :)