What aftermarket stereos do you guys have?

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  1. Well, I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy an aftermarket because the good ole' 6 disc changer is junk!!! I've had to take it apart twice because it keeps having issues with not working/reading cd's...This weekend I attempted another time fixing it, however I unscrewed something I shouldn't have. Now, not only will the cd player not work, but the entire unit keeps shutting off after about a minute of being on. I know very little about aftermarket stuff anymore...the last thing I purchased was a Sony 10 disc changer back in like 1999. Can you guys give me a little help here on what you have? :)
  2. one thing to remember..if you want really good quality..Alpine is usually where it is at..even more so if you want to add subs or amps and want precise control over them..can't go wrong :)
  3. I have Rockford Fosgate components in the front (5.14") and Rockford Fosgate 6x8 components in the rear. Those are powered by 125 watt 4-channel amp. In the back are 2 Stage two Punches powered by an 800 watt Kenwood Amp. Ohh yeah the deck is a Clairon VRX745VD :D :D :D

    I think it sounds awesome... i didn't really want it to thump just sound good and i think i did a pretty good job. And Every thing was bought off e-bay for about $1600, gotta love ebay. :hail2:

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  4. I have all Kicker components
  5. The best radio equipment is no radio equipment.
  6. I like alpine
  7. When you had yours installed, did they add in the extra compartment or did you get a whole new piece? Or, is that how yours just came because mine only has the one larg spot where the factory one is.
  8. You drive around all the time with the radio turned off, or took it totally out?
    I'd go nuts!

    There is nothing better than hitting some the road, with no traffic, on a nice sunny day, just cruising with a great sound system...........
  9. alpine cda-9855

  10. Eclipse 8454 and Nakamichi cd400.
  11. Stick with name brand stuff, sony, alpine, clarion, etc. Anymore they are all about the same. In terms of "power" or lack thereof, every unit you look at will be 18-26 watts RMS per channel. Anything over 20 is fine, if you have stock speakers you will never tell the difference anyway. Any questions, PM me. Here is my lower pocket.... bass boost knob and voltmeter


    And at night...

  12. I just installed my Alpine CDA-9855 a couple days ago and have the lower utility tray on order to fill the hole until I get my SC and guages.

    I'm not too sure I like the "slide bar" It's a pain in the ass when I am trying to change radio stations. And the instructions aren't very good cause the unit's slide bar doesn't always act like it's supposed to. But the sound quality is great. I finally figured out how to put in a custom EQ setting but don't know how to over write them.
  13. GDawg, im doing the same thing by removing the tray and fiberglassing gauges but theyre are gonna be digital volt meters for my amps.I found that the slide bar becomes a little more sensitive after a little bit of use and it took me about an 1 hr. to do the time correction and equalizer.

    blksgrl, i would also suggest the haed unit MyEarsHurt has. I had it in my honda civic and it was a GREAT head unit. u can find them very cheap on ebay.
  14. replace sound system with exhaust note :nice:
  15. I know everybody likes to say Alpine,but I dont care for it.My buddy works there and tells me all the things that break or dont work etc.Ive been in the industry for a while and belive the way this stuff is manufactured.I recently installed a Pioneer AVIC N-1,Kenwood Excelon 715/Nav system as well as other Pioneer head units and have had luck with them.I dont beleive in name brand amps,most of them come from the same factory in Korea(been there).I use what sounds good and isnt over priced.
  16. thats very true about most companies iskwezm.
  17. I would think if you had a buddy who worked at Alpine, you could get equipment for almost nothing right? I'd love to have that hookup because I have owned nothing but alpine head units for the past 15 years and never had any problems with em.

    I just wish alpine would make a dam steering wheel remote already, sheesh.
  18. Well I tried,Alpine isnt a very giving company,they have friends and family day once in a while but thats it.But I do buy with a wholesale liscense from a distributor that I had when I was rep for a few Audio companies.
  19. Thanks for the info guys!!! I'm going to keep the factory speakers, and I'm really just wanting something fairly simple. If I had it my way, I'd just keep the changer that's in there now, but driving around with no radio BLOWS!!!! And, it's only been two days!!! Any specific suggestions on which model I should be looking for?