What aftermarket stereos do you guys have?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by blksgrl, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. ALPINE 7893
    MEMPHIS AUDIO 2 channel amp
    ALPINE 4 channel amp
    MQ QUART Speakers
  2. pioneer or panasonic HU
  3. Ditto. Clarion also makes good HUs, but eclipses are my personal favorite. I dont have a full after market system in the cobra yet, but I have a 01 GMC 1500 reg cab with eclipse 8454 HU, two phoenix gold titanuim 400s powering four JL 10w3v2s in a bandpass through a bed cut, and clarion 4x6 direct replacement plates in the rear posts. Before i could finish the front stage and wire up the amp for the highs, I got the cobra and the truck got put on hold. For the cobra, I'm going with eclipse AVX2494 DVD/CD, phoenix titanium elite front and rear components powered by phoenix xenon 200.4, JL 10w3v2 mustang stealthbox (for trunk space only) powered by phoenix xenon 400.1 and titanium bass cube. If I wanted the most bass, I would just leave the ol JL 8w6s in the bandpass and PG titanium 500.4 I have in there now, but I NEEEEEEED some trunk space!!!! :D
  4. And yes the Mach 6 disc is junk as well as the whole rest of the system.

    EDIT: stay away from sony HUs. I dont know about the rest of their products, but the CD players are crap. All my xplode HU did in my 96 gt was skip. I've never had a CD skip in any of the 3 eclipse units i've had, no matter how scratched the disc was.
  5. make sure it has an MP3 feature, that way u can get about 140 songs per cd.
  6. McIntosh, front to back: head unit, 2 4-channel amps, two-way speaker system in front, coax in rear, McIntosh subwoofer. All done but the aesthetics. Ask, if interested, for more info.
  7. I have a Kenwood EZ500 HU with Infinity Kappa speakers and Infinity amps (mono and 4 channel). Still getting everything installed. After reading up on the HU, it seems to have alot of great features.