Roush What all is included in the Saleen Performance Cooling Package option?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Acheron315, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. What exactly is included in this new option? Is it just a aluminum radiator (if so, what brand?) or is it more? I was wondering if I could buy the parts from Saleen if they seem good, I have been looking for a decent low priced aluminum radiator for a while now. Thanks!

    This is the description:
    "This all aluminum dual-core radiator and high flow cooling system is ideal to maintain your Saleen at peak performance during the hottest weather. Recommended for vehicles in the warm weather climates. Available with manual transmission only."

    What exactly is a "high flow cooling system"?
  2. This is NOT a low priced radiator. Checkout . The radiator does an awsome job. I'm actually running a little too cold (even with correct thermostat). Should you decide to purchase one of these radiators, contact Joe at Chicane. I believe the pic is actually of my car as I was among the first to purchase one from Chicane.
  3. Well, that is the option (installed) price. I think they list just the radiator for a little over than $300. With the team saleen discount it is a pretty cheap price. I was basically asking if there was any other parts included in the ambiguous option detal listing. Sorry if my initial post was rambling.