What are some good 6 letter and less license plate combos??

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by yellow1995Cobra, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. About 3 years ago I think it was 50slow or some combo of what you are suggesting. The body of the car was in poor condition if i remember correctly but it sure as heck wasn't slow :D
  2. BLUE 302
    That's what i'm gonna get... hopefully
  3. My license plate, LAST 5L

    I try to get a new plate every year, other options I want, we can have 7 spaces in WI

    2 MCH TRQ
  4. wouldn't have the nerve to do it, but I always liked:


  5. haha you guessed it....

    my car:
  6. Here's mine...BTW just got my Saleen taillight covers the other day after 7 months and 2 orders, can't wait to get em painted and thrown on! :banana:
  7. hopefully someone want steal mine but here are my top choices

    HRTBRKR-for the chevy boys

    10-94-police code for drag racing

    1096 racn-police code for mental subject

    POPO50-see profile occupations

    LTMEBUS-let me bust(thats all i need if you want to spray me......lol)

    also saw a cool license plate frame that said "going for a cruise be back in ten

    seconds"-or the famous "A man with a ford can have my last A man with a chevy can KISS MY A$$......lol


  8. <marquee>8....A.....V.....I.....P.....R</marquee>

    Of course, you'd better be able to back that one up, with say, a 10 second car!

  9. My favorite for a cobra but not 6 letters

    F8L BITE

    Fatal Bite