what are the advantages of a aluminum drive shaft?

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  1. So whats the deal with them? Are they good up to 500-600 hp?
  2. boy do i love this subject.....
    It's all about a little thing called Parasitic Drag, which is when your engine's power is used to turn certain parts of your drivetrain in the process of getting that power and torque to the rear tires and down to the pavement.

    Starting with the engine, lets say it makes 300hp. From the flywheel, it has to use some of it's power to turn everything inside the transmission (weather auto or standard) which then turns the DRIVE SHAFT which of course then turns the rear end which turns the axles and then to the tires. The part of all this that has to do with your aluminum drive shaft is that it weighs less, and when you're talking about parasitic drag, weight means everything because the less something weighs, the easier it can turn, which then "frees up" power, since it doesnt actually "create" power. In the end, your motor has to use less energy to turn the drive shaft which is a conciderably heavy piece of your drivetrain, and that gain in energy equals an increase in performance. Man i hope that made sense. Basically, take the stock shaft and do 100 bench presses with it, then do the same with the aluminum.....you get the picture.

    Oh btw, i'm not sure of the validity of this part, but i was told by the guy i bought my shaft from (SVO) that he has run 1200hp+ through his and that they're basically indestructable, except for the U joints and input shaft, but you'll have those problems with any drive shaft. I've beat the piss out of mine but then again i'm not makin all that much power. I've seen 8 second Mustangs run the same model i have though.
  3. tvm,
    A buddy of mine has approx 400 rwhp in his setup and he likes his! I'm leaning towards one this spring. Don't have nearly that kind of hp but if it weighs less than stock, I'll take it!

    85-SS, Now that was text book bro!!! Beautiful!!!
  4. There is no downside to a aluminum driveshaft.
    All the strenght and a fraction of the weight.
    I say go for it............
  5. thank you very much! It's what I figured but i just thought I'd ask first, You don't know, unless you ask...
  6. They've become kind of a popular upgrade in part because a lot of stock driveshafts become twisted/imbalanced after years of abuse. For the $160 that the aluminum shaft costs, you can't even have your old driveshaft repaired. They have less rotational mass and are smooth as hell compared to the stock driveshaft; you will know what I mean once you replace yours.
  7. I was just looking at it through summit, cool, thanks
  8. Aren't the aluminum shafts larger in diameter tha stock? For anyone running the aluminum shafts: does the larger diameter (if I'm right about that) cause any interference with the exhaust or the chassis?
  9. well yes they are....

    3.5" i reckon :lol:
  10. Go for it man I'm getting one soon I am very much looking forward to it. I heard that they extend the life of your tranny. I just bought a new 'cobra' trans from D&D Performance. It kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banana:
  11. Love mine!!!!! No problems in 3 years, 11second street car.
  12. Disadvantages- Larger diameter if you need the clearance, cannot be shortened or extended if you need it to be (if you had a tranny or whatever that needs a shorter driveshaft) where as the stock one can be cut and welded..
  13. So how much HP do Aluminum driveshafts "Free Up" ??
  14. exactly what i was thinking.
  15. thank you guys for the input!!!
  16. well the clearance can get pretty tight down there with the mufflers cause the aluminum shaft is pretty thick, and your actually not losing too much weight seeing that the stock shaft doesnt weigh anything either. It is stronger though and comes balanced which is good since every stock shaft Ive seen vibrates all to hell. They both use spicer U joints but I would think and hope they are better in the aluminum shaft. Not sure about how much power they can handle but I've seen them on some pretty crazy combos and I run one with no problem. Dont expect to see any real power gains at the wheels though. Good upgrade to do if you ask me. Scot Rod
  17. I got one a few months ago. Love it. A lot less vibration.
  18. Got mine in November.


    Less vibration and the knowledge that I probably will never have to change that part again during my ownership of the car.

    It's lighter, and for cosmetic purposes, will never rust!.
  19. i coudnt tell ya how much power you could free up, i wouldnt say it's much, it's just a small added bonus. I've heard stories about them rubbing on the rear brake balencer thing that seperates the cable between the 2 rear brake drums, but mine has never come close to rubbing. The only other problem i've heard of is if you need to run a drive shaft loop there are only certain ones that will fit around them without being hammered open, but you could still make just about any one fit around the shaft. All in all it's just a good investment, what NKau said about the repare of the stock shaft vs. the price of the aluminum shaft is right...it's just a better deal to go aluminum. And as far as not being able to shorten or lengthen the shaft, that's true, but if you have to get a shorter one for like a TKO tranny, the '94-up stock aluminum shafts will bolt right up to a TKO and are the right length...you'd still have to buy a new shaft but at least there is a way to stay with aluminum.

    The idea of freeing up power really comes into play when you combine the shaft with other aluminum and lightweight items like an aluminum flywheel, smaller diameter clutch, UD pullies and all that stuff. What you might not see is a huge increase in peak hp, but you'll definately see an increase in RPM speeds and overall takeoff speed. It's not a life altering mod unless you have a lot to go with it, but still it's worlds better than a stock steel shaft.
  20. Must also be careful if you run a Griggs Torque Arm. The driveshaft and torque arm interfere w/ each other. I believe Griggs makes a driveshaft to clear their torque arm