What are the best "bang for the buck" bolt ons for the 96-98 Cobras?

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  1. Might be pickin one up in the morning! All stock except for CAI & Flowmasters. Will be lookin for some mods soon. What do yall suggest?
  2. Gears 3.55 or 3.73 is you will eventually supercharge it. 4.10 if your not or maybe higher depending on your style of driving. MGW shifter!!, don't bother with anyother brand MGW is the best there is. Throttle Body, Aluminum driveshaft, and headers if you can afford it. The mystic cobra you posted previously is really nice. Hope it all goes well for you and I hope that this helps. Good luck
  3. Gears No less than 3.73 if you are supercharged. norm is 4.10's with a blower. If you are NA 4.30's or 4.56's

    Longtubes(forget shorties) and midpipe with weld in mufflers

    Aftermarket shifter

    Subframe Connectors and Lower Control Arms

    Dont waste any money on a Maf, Throttle body or coils as these dont offer any gains to the stock engine. You would need a motor or a big blown application to warrant any real gains from a TB.

    I am not a fan of UDP as they have caused hell on our motors and ruined some while others have had success. I am not gonna spend the money and risk for the little gains they offer

    Short runner intake is a good mod but you need a 4.30 gears to compensate for the lack of low end torque it creates, not a big loss but noticable, but the midrange and top end gains are nice:D
  4. 4.10s or 4.30s?:eek: little steep ain't it? i will be drivin her alot. freeways. what would the rpms be at say 80mph with the 4.10s? also what brand longtubes & are they really a pita to install?
  5. 80mph with 4.10s will put you around 2,876rpms

    Bassani and hooker both make a nice set of longtube headers. They are not easy to put in though, plan on dropping the k-member for the easiest installation.
  6. Whatever you do, stay away from JBA headers. From some reason they do not use studs in the exhaust flange. If you ever need to take the exhaust off it is pain to get to the back side of the bolts.
  7. Bassani makes mid lengths if I recall.

    4.10'[email protected] mph is 3,000 rpm and with 4.30's it is 3100 rpms. Not a big deal being the car revs to 6800 but man does it wake them up.
  8. Well it's still your perogative on which gears to choose. But if you will eventually charge it I wouldn't go with anything higher then 3.90s...
  9. Most of your top shops will recommend 4.10's for a blown application. Hell some of them recommend it with a Blown 2V.

    However NA you want 4.30 or 4.56's
  10. Go with a 4.10. I had two cobras..here is what they ran mod for mod.

    97-same type of exhaust and 3.73'[email protected]

    96- same type of exhaust and 4.10'[email protected]

    Big difference in times and MPH for the same amount of money..right?
  11. One more thing. Don't waste your money on an aluminum driveshaft. I bought mine when they were like $150, but now since the price of aluminum went up, they are like what now?....250+. I didn't notice any difference, and I think the difference in the weight is less than advertised.

    My advice, since I had 2 cobras, is 4.10, shifter, cold-air, subframes BBK Long tubes, H, or X pipe, and a good flowing 2-1/2 inch exhaust system. I would consider LCA's for the rear as well in the future. Get some with grease fittings though, because my top dollar Mega Bite Jr's do not have them and they squeak.
  12. Well, you cant really compare that for accuracy. With the same exact car I can see. Not with another one. Now compare a car with 4.30's and you will see a very low 13 second ET if not a 12.

    I ran [email protected] and all I had done was a H pipe, mufflers a shifter and K&N. All else was stock including the 3.27's. so that doesnt say much for the 4.10's.

    I will say this if you are staying NA, go drive a 4.10 Cobra, then drive a similar one with 4.30's and see the difference.

    Dont fear the gear!
  14. Unless you are high up in elevation a 4.10 geared Cobra should be quicker than a 13.7! I dont mean any disrespect, but I think the drivers are causing those ET's. Many with minor bolt ons are running 13.1 to 13.3 as 13.7 can be done with a stock 4V with just an exhaust if that.
  15. The best I have seen on a stock motor was a [email protected] by my buddy. He had IMRC elims, full exhaust (LT's) CAI, pullies, SCT Xcal, and 4.56's and some serious weight reduction.

    I personally ran 12.80'[email protected] with 4.30's, Steeda UD pullies, BBK LT's, MAC catback, JLT CAI and 12.30'[email protected] with ported heads and cams. That was in my 98.
  16. Umm stock motor is just that..bone stock right off the assembly plant. Having IMRC deletes, full exhaust, 4.56 gears and such isnt what many consider stock.

    However There have been 96-98 Cobra with full bolt ons and a Short runner intake on stock B heads run 11.80's and a few with a stock shortblock gone 10's on motor.
  17. I don't even care what my car runs anymore. I bought a house, so I didn't even go to the track summer 06, I was busy moving stuff, and buying furniture. I drove my car normal just like around town, We all cruised Woodward every weekend, from April until October. I have more fun just doing that now.
  18. That is fine, we all have priorities and sometimes they change.
  19. I said stock motor....I didn't say floor-room stock. Exhaust and gears aren't considered 'motor'.

    Stock in my opinion as well as many others is stock block, heads, intake, pistons, rods.....

    IMRC's are just a operational gadget that helps maintain torque at low RPM, but restricts high rpm hp.

    The mods I listed (other than the gears and chip) don't add HP, but free it up.

    If what you say is true, a K&N filter will make a car not stock....if that is the case, than 99% of the cars out there are not stock.