What are the specs for a 289 original hipo cam?

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  1. I think all Mustang 289 Hipo's between the years 1965-67 used the same cam (C3OZ-)???

    I'm looking for valve lift using the 1.6 ratio on the rockers and duration at 0.05".

    So far, I found lift at 0.477" on both I and E? - please confirm. Duration at 305 degrees(?) - (what does this translate to at 0.05"?).
  2. Ford Performance by Pat Ganahl lists it as .480 lift and 310 degrees duration (.005 lift) To get the @.050 duration, you'd have to do some searching to find someone who's actually degreed one.
  3. Well here is what I found out so far:

    Valve lift is either .477" or .478" on both I and E with 1.6 ratio rockers.

    Duration @ 0.05 is 228 I and 227 E.

    Looks like a mild cam that should produce a nice sound with good exhaust. I guessing the rpm operating range would be in the vicinity of 2000-6000? Very close to what I'm looking for.
  4. Similar specs to the B303 roller. But the roller will have more effective duration. Operating range also depends some on what induction you're going to run. Single plane, add to it. Dual plane, subtract some. Carb size too affects it.
  5. BOSS 302 cams had the same specs, I think.....
  6. I'd guess it would start a little lower than 2K. My cam is a little bigger (224I/236E and .506 for both) but is rated 1500-6500.
  7. That's a nice broad operating range...something I looking for. Who makes that cam?
  8. Is the CRANE "Blazer" cam still out there? I had on in the DCVER, good from 2500/3000 up. Ran great when revved!
  9. It is a custom grind recommended by my short-block builder (DSS Racing) for my intake/head/carb combo. It is very close to many off-the-shelf parts like the 278H or the Perf-RPM. In fact it was the RPM cam which I asked for and they talked me out of it based upon their experience and my desires for a hot cruiser instead of a strip car, this is basically a torqe build that will lose peak tq/hp figures in favor of a gain in average tq/hp. A nice flat torque curve at that considering what desktop dyno shows.


    For the record...I know that chart indicates higher output than reality, I expect peak numbers to be very close to 400 on both lines, not the ~440 it shows.

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  10. When I got my car I was told that it had the hydraulic version same specs I know it was a solid lifer in the hipo it sounds nice but they didn’t change the intake or carb so I don’t think it is living up to its full potential.
  11. Edbert, I with you on the - "desires for a hot cruiser instead of a strip car" idea. So, my next question is what carb/intake/head combo are you running?
  12. I have a perf-rpm intake with a 750 vac-sec Holley and perf-rpm (2.02/1.60, they make more than one of them for some reason I cannot remember) heads. That is why I asked for the perf-rpm cam, I beleive in matched componenets and was trusting Vic, before I decided to trust DSS Racing :D
  13. C3OZ-6250-C

    Ford's original specs:
    Duration 310 Degrees, Lift 0.477", Overlap 82 Degrees
    Intake: 0.477" Lift with 0.022" Valve Lash with 1.6:1 Rocker Arms
    Intake Opens 25 Degrees BTDC and Closes 70 Degrees ABDC, 275 Degrees Duration

    Exhaust: 0.477" Lift with 0.022" Valve Lash with 1.6:1 Rocker Arms
    Exhaust Opens 73 Degrees BBDC and Closes 22 Degrees ATDC, 275 Degrees Duration

    Lobe Centers is 114 Degrees

    Also used in the street version of the Shelbys 306 H.P. engine's

    *Note: 0.006 tappet lift (Ford's advertised duration)
    IVO 47 IVC 83 310 duration
    EVO 95 EVC 35 310 duration