What are the worst Mustang modifications?

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Whats the most "rice" on a Mustang?

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  1. Body Kits like a Vader or EVO kit.

    43 vote(s)
  2. Parts and racing stickers

    7 vote(s)
  3. Multiple model emblems

    17 vote(s)
  4. 20" + wheels

    20 vote(s)
  5. Stripes

    3 vote(s)
  6. V6 rebadged as a Cobra/Saleen/Roush

    30 vote(s)
  7. Neon

    18 vote(s)
  8. 5000 watt 4-12" subwoofer sound system.

    3 vote(s)
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  1. wow dude , come on, we dont needa use that word, blacks would be fine. Its jus like someone calling me a terrorist cause im muslim, but the same time, im Russian, and not arab.
  2. Stock factory hood and side scoops, while unfortunate, are not rice. We didn't add them, they came with the car. A factory scoop delete option, while desirable, was not available.

    Rice is mostly about what an owner does to his or her car, and is usually a matter of degree. For example, a few (non-poser) stickers/emblems applied in a subtle or tasteful way might not be considered rice. A lot of stickers probably would.

    imho :flag:

    The racist comments from pennywise2 should be ignored, or this thread will degenerate quickly and likely will be locked. Actually, since pennywise2 has shown his true colors, he should be ignored completely. :nonono:
  3. wyldpny: I asked for your opinion on the subject, not a quote of someone elses opinion.
    That was really nice and all but what do YOU think qualifies as rice. :shrug: Id imagine you have some unique ideas on it.
    Or do you just agree with what you copy and pasted, which I would doubt since I have seen your car and its CLEARLY not rice.
  4. That's the name. I seen Fastwrx15 posting and noticed it is pretty much idenical to pennywise but could not remember the name.

    Fastwrx15=pennywise= :ban: ......again
  5. i agree thatt its pennywise. i used to troll these boards back when penny posted and they sound similar.

    also seems kinda ironic that wyldpny posted that considering his car meets some of the before listed "rice" characteristics
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  7. Fastwrx15, you're gone for two reasons:
    Being a condescending, racist ass.
    Swearing in an attempt to bypass language filtering.

    The thread, sans the aforementioned, has remained mature and should be allowed to continue with civility.
  8. :nice:
  9. I seriously thank you, even with him on my ignore list i had to read his dribble via quotes.
  10. I think that any hood scoop that is put on (not by the factory) with 3m tape is bad. I think that clear tailights look is over. Big wings===big laughs. My number 1 horrible addition is the 3-4" exhaust pipes. I can't stand them. Went to the track (Cecil County, MD) on Friday and every Hpnda except 1 had them. All ran like crap and most broke, causing delays. The one that didn't? Ran 11.8
  11. THANK YOU!!!
  12. so the thread is called whats the worst mod... but the poll is whats the most rice...

    I'd have to say the worst mod is a very obese driver ... no offense to anyone, but im all for the quote "weight reduction begins with the driver"

    IMO the most rice-ish mod would be an ugly body kit or the random, misplaced wings and scoops that we've all learned to hate so much.
  13. i dont like euro lights on a mustang, not into grossly misbadging a car (e.g v-6 with fobra badges), neon lights on the outside of any car are just gay. i dont mind them done to light up the inside of a sub box with a clear pane on one side, i hate grossly oversize body parts on a mustang too, I'm not even a fan of the "Saleen" bumpers and sidescoops and wings.

    I dont mind a v-6 getting 232 badges or something like that, as long as whatever is done is tasteful and it flows with the car.

    euro lights just look ugly on a mustang, but I've seen some hondas, nissans, etc that they look really good on...they just don't flow with a mustang.

    some body kits look ok, but some really don't (Vader, Spyder, etc). The Stalker kit looks decent, if you eliminate the front bumper and the sidescoops, I could live with the Hood, Rear Bumper, and the side skirts.

    I like a good system, I dont care how many speakers, as long as it looks good. If there is a ton of wires running everywhere (like my stereo system previously had) then you shouldn't be displaying it. I coulda done better, but I was too lazy at the time.

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    but when I finally got the new sub box, i did everything right.

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  14. 20's , theyre just way too big for the SN95. They look ok on S197's though.
  15. Thats because im an offensive obese driver :shrug:
  16. This is a good example of what is rice and what is not. It is not a specific list, it is everyones perceived idea based on their own feelings and opinions on what is considered rice.

    So if I am following your thought pattern correctly here your saying that if someone added a non functional scoop to their car it would considered rice, but if the car happen to come from the factory that way it would not? :shrug:
  17. Your right, mine and a lot of others plus about half of every stock Mustang built to date.
    How ironic is that?
  18. Actually, what you said was this:
    Clearly you are looking for direction of what is considered rice. What I posted is what is considered rice, according to that web site anyway ;)

    Of course opinions are just that and nothing more.
    This thread is a fun read and I like the fact that so far for the most part has stayed civil with some good posts from members on what they feel is acceptable for adding certain modifications on cars.

    So, you want to know what my opinion is, ok...

    First I have to agree with Epik that I think the term rice is a very derogatory comment.
    I could use a bunch of analogies here of how wrong it is to group everyone into one term based on a variety of different opinions.
    Now I am not one for fake scoops which is why I have taken the effort to have mine made fully functional. Not sure what Ford was thinking slapping non functional scoops on the Mustangs over the years but a few people up in Fords corporate offices should be slapped. As for decals for stuff you don't have on your car or putting decals like Boss or Saleen on your car when it is a plain GT or less is not something I agree with. I don't like fart cans either as I feel they are just making your car have a fake sound to what it actually is. I don't prefer excessive mods that grossly take away the look and feel of what the car actually is though I agree there can be exceptions. Having said that I also can appreciate the work people put into their cars even if I don't always agree with some of their choices. I like to go a car show and see a variety, see different ideas and unique out of the box thinking. Your not going to get that if everyone was the same and left their cars mostly stock and didn't dare to try and ever be different.
    Innovation can come from ideas, and it can also come from seeing what others are doing and trying. Obviously you can take anything and distort it or take it in directions that are going to push what many people think is ok. But that is the bad that comes with the good of having some people willing to try and push the envelope and try different things. Not everything someone thinks of or does we are all going to agree with, but that is what makes each one of us an individual and different from the rest.

    I obviously found this comment amusing...

    Your right that I don't agree with what I copied and pasted. I am glad to hear you CLEARLY don't think my car is rice but isn't that actually the compete opposite of what you said in another thread just a few days earlier or are you just being sarcastic here? Just curious.
    At any rate, I think that any mod if done correctly and tastefully with quality and attention to detail can be a special and unique feature. As most of you know all too well I hope to have vertical doors put on my car soon and I realize that on this site the majority apparently feel it is wrong to have them on a Mustang, or maybe on any other car other than a Lambo for that matter.
    Well, as we all know there are thousands and thousands of car owners including many a Mustang owner out there who obviously disagree and feel otherwise. And for each of them they might have had different reasons for wanting and doing it. As for my reasons, among a few I like the idea of having the option of my doors open the normal way, but on occasion like at a show when I would like a little added wow factor, up they can go.
    One thing I find interesting is that those who who say they don't like the hinges on Mustangs because of the "Lambo" door look don't seem to take into account the fact that unless the doors are actually raised vertically, no one would ever know you even had that style hinge on the car. I could have had them on the car for a year and unless I posted a pic of the doors raised up no one would have ever known. Maybe I actually already have them on my car...Hmmm... :D
    Now, I also like the fact that the ones I chose for my car use the factory mounting locations making it a direct bolt on. That way they will not effect my ability to put the old stock hinges back on allowing me to go back to stock if I ever so choose at some point. I realize that over time I may change my mind about what I like and don't like, and so keeping that in mind each addition to my car is chosen and/or created in a way as to not be permanent and is done with the ability to easily go back to stock if and when I so choose. You have already seen some of the additions that I had previously done on my car like some of the decals that have now been removed. In most cases it's a learning process. A process where you try different things and then see what you like and what you don't, and over time your likes may change causing you to decide to go a different direction, or want more or want less. At some level almost all of us at one point have or will try something a different just to see what it looks like. We want to see if it works and how it looks. We all have our own feelings and personal tastes on any given subject including cars which just makes us all a little different from one another. Thats a good thing of course.
    Just my 2 cents anyway :)
  19. :eek: .......aye... lol

    teh rice smiley:
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  20. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. The Subaru WRX STi, a few years ago, came from the factory with a ridiculous wing that, while appearing ricer-ish, was not rice.