What are the worst Mustang modifications?

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Whats the most "rice" on a Mustang?

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  1. Body Kits like a Vader or EVO kit.

    43 vote(s)
  2. Parts and racing stickers

    7 vote(s)
  3. Multiple model emblems

    17 vote(s)
  4. 20" + wheels

    20 vote(s)
  5. Stripes

    3 vote(s)
  6. V6 rebadged as a Cobra/Saleen/Roush

    30 vote(s)
  7. Neon

    18 vote(s)
  8. 5000 watt 4-12" subwoofer sound system.

    3 vote(s)
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  1. And in my humble opinion, the term rice is not so much derogatory as it is negative. There is a subtle yet important distinction between the two interpretations. If I consider a car to be too much rice, it's kind of like saying, for example, the water is too cold. Yes, like most words, the listener's/reader's interpretation varies. However, I still like to use the term rice because most (car) people have an instant understanding of what I mean when I use it. It is a good descriptive word that is not, of course, absolute, but rather a matter of degree.

    I hope I made some sense... :shrug:
  2. This is the most racist comment I have ever come across in my three plus years of membership to this site. :mad:

    FYI I know PLENTY of NON-NEGROES here in Texas that have 20" chrome wheels. It is a part of HIP HOP CULTURE, not NEGRO culture.

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  3. :scratch:

    Kind of convenient to allow some to pass your personal tough standards and some to not pass simply because in some cases they came from the factory that way and not added by an individual owner later. Some might think thats being hypocritical.
  4. :ban: bant stick FTMFW!!!!!!!

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  5. I guess I'm not following you. :shrug:

    I think rice is primarily about what one does, what actions one takes. I suppose one could refuse to buy (action) a Mustang because of the stock scoops, but that is somewhat impractical. I do think that if one were to add (action) nonfunctional scoops where they didn't exist, that would be ricer-ish.

    Because rice is a matter of degree, everyone's threshold of rice varies. Let me ask you an honest question. Have you seen cars, or pictures of cars, that you would consider "rice"?
  6. Cobra R came with a RIDICULOUSLY huge wing - and also a rather gigantic front lip, almost like the cow-plow on the front of old locomotives. However, this WAS part of the "factory race car" scheme. I was a little bit thrown off by "stripes" being on the rice list. The mustang, in my opinion, was the first car to look AWESOME with stripes (followed up by the early 70's Chevelle). My "Spring Feature" Zinc Yellow GT came with the somewhat unusual stripes that run along the side of the upraised section of the hood and the black lettered MUSTANG inserts for the rear bumper. Is that rice? I hate the mufflers that are large enough to stash a child in just as much as everyone else does. But the bottom line is this; if you are passionate about cars and enjoy the hobby(whether its import, euro, or domestic) then you're OK in my book.

    On a side note - I get lots of nasty looks and snubs when I drive the GT into work (and my car is bone stock on the exterior!) just because I drive a Mustang instead of a gigantic SUV or luxury car. So let's try not to be so condescending to others who enjoy taking care of their car or building it up how they want it.
  7. As you pointed out the Cobra R was a factory racer and thoes parts were in fact functional :shrug:

    I added stripes cause some people really hate them but the Termi in my garage has them and I like it. Some like it and some dont, I just was curious how many didnt :nice:
  8. In some cases - the stripes can REALLY make the car! However, my neighbor picked up a dodge Magnum R/T, had it painted "peach" (no joke) and put two 12 inch white stripes down the middle. If I can get a picture without putting a ladder up next to the fence - peeping tom style - I will upload here for some good laughs.
  9. whats funny is that our car's are the one of few that can actually utilize rear downforce. Rear wheel drive and track ready from the factory, a wing is not such a bad investment assuming your car will see a race track.

    FWD + Big wing = NoNo.
  10. Not to sound like an a-hole but I am pretty sure on performance tests, like the one MM & FF did against the 03-04 cobra, they took both off. I still think the cobra R looks sick. But, I must say, I think your steed is one of the best looking I have seen. Like the interior designer said ;) the subtle accents make for a great over all piece. Good work.
  11. I know Halloween is coming, but did we really need to drag this thread back from the dead?
  12. 5000 watt 4-12" subwoofer sound system. lol

    my first system in the stang was a 7200watt 3 15" kiker system.. just cuz you like to jam doesnt mean your rice..

    no rap played in the stang BTW.
  13. This thread was really just a jab at someone who dosent seem to be here anymore :rlaugh: