What are they?

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  1. Anyone know what the red "flaps" under the rear seat location are for?

  2. I was wondering the same thing. They are probably little spoilers to deflect debris away from the fuel tank.
  3. Makes sense, but seems too small to really be effective. And why would they need them?
  4. maybe its for aerodynamics? :shrug:
  5. Maybe they are explosive bolts for an ejection seat.:D In all seriousness though. I would think they were to protect the strap. Since it appears to be only that pin that holds the strap in.
  6. It could also be more of an NVH thing. Maybe the underbody airflow was causing something the testers didn't like. Like a resonant vibration or buffeting or something.

    P.S. I know just slightly more than jack sh-- about aerodynamics.
  7. That's some pretty heavy duty bolting just for a "deflector", when just a few rivets would have done. Don't think it's got anything to do with aerodynamics. Too small to make any real difference and it's not like the undercarriage is aerodynamic to begin with. Could be used for shipping purposes, but again, it's bolted down too well to be temporary. Maybe they just put them there to confuse the hell out of everyone. :crazy:

    Here's some more picts:
  8. Remember, there are some higher end cars equipped with an helical wire wrapped around the antenna to reduce noise.

    No, there won't be any great overall aerodynamic effect from those flaps, but they will still have an effect on the air passing over them.

    I still think they are debris deflectors, for the portions of the fuel tank that drop down beside the drive shaft.
  9. Who knows, maybe they *are* aerodynamic. Which car company is it (want to say Lexus) who advertises dimpled panels on the bottom of the car to improve airflow? Kinda like a golf ball :D. So I suspect Ford does pay attention to airflow under the car.

  10. it looks like it is metal that goes through to the inside of the car where the seat backs slip on to kind of like a tab to hold it in place.
  11. those tabs are aerodynamic. they preven the car from going airborne when spinning out on turn 4.


    really,i think the seat theory is the best so far.
  12. My guess is they are their to deflect the air under the fuel tank. It's possible that before those were installed air got between the tank the protective plastic cover and caused some buffetting!

    If you notice they are about the same width as the portion of the fuel tanks that would be exposed to the airflow!
  13. That would be my guess. Maybe air was getting trapped betwwen the fuel tank and the body and making a noise or vibration. By the way, is it my imagination or do the front subframe frame rails extend the entire length of the floor boards?
  14. Good catch, it does look like the rails extend all the way back. I wouldn't be surprised -- Ford has said this chassis has much more torsional rigidity than before.

    Another thing I noticed -- see those straps holding up the tanks? How much do you want to bet that the deflectors are to keep air from running across those. Methinks they had a problem with the air around those straps screeeeeching... :shrug: