What are you doin tonight

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  1. Well on the contrary to all the manly car stuff that we always post about. What are you doin for v-day? My girlfriend and i are going to maccaroni grill to have some bomb pasta than back to my house to do the tradition vday stuff lol. I also got her flowers, now i know i could use the money to put toward some subframe connectors but once i get my check all of it is goin towards the saving of a streetbike so i had to get her something. Anyone write any poems? And lets see the other half! Here is a pic of me and my girlfriend!

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  2. I'll be preparing my **** in the box gift. Then, we'll see what comes up. :shrug:
  3. haha, man i was started to get worried cause no one posted. Now i knew you guys like cars and all but a girlfriend is nice to have every once in a while.
  4. Speaking of girlfriends, post more picks of yours lol.
  5. Eh. My main girl is at work until 9pm.
  6. because u like sheep ^^^?????

    just wondering with ur CT :)
  7. + 1. Or if ya really wanna support StangNet, video's are in this season. :nice:
  8. haha i have some of those but thats inapropriate, maby when i break up with her lol.
  9. i know im a n00b and all but...she wanted me to write the top 50 things i love the most about her. then i got her a stuffed bear thing and some chocolates, cooked her dinner etc...all the regular stuff. i coulda been putting my new upper n lower control arms in as well as my subframes that are all sitting up at the shop but sometimes you just gotta make a little sacrafice haha...heres a pic to appease the crowd...

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  10. nothing tonight. Im 3 hours away at school. I sent her flowers and then this weekend its dinner, and there is a concert we're goin to Sat.

    oh..heres a pic too

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    found a better one.... with me too

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  11. -1
  12. i'm trying to get over this ****in cold i have. no valentines for me due to the lack of a GF. more money for the money pit i geuss :shrug:
  13. no ****???!?!...me too!!!

  14. yo...your chick looks stoned as **** lol
  15. I'm regretful to inform you, that you have contracted herpe gonna syphilis. Get yourself checked out. I was a whore and slept around. She cought it, now you got it. Tuff break.
  16. Giving the ol' pearl necklace. +1. Good job :nice: