What are you doin tonight

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  1. My girlfriend and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day luckily! She hates the holiday = D I know you all are jealous! I got her a card anyway...and we drank a bottle of champagne together, which probably wasn't a very good idea because I'm trying to study for some tests right now.

    My name is Steve btw, I have stalked the forums for a while, but never joined, until now. I'll get my sig and whatnot figured out later.

    Oh yea, I'm rebuilding my engine again over spring break (March 9-18) so look for rebuild post/pictures!
  2. welcome to the boards Steve
  3. Sounds good. Welcome to :SNSign: . :nice:

    Oh, and :worthlesb & video's. :D
  4. its a shame...however i already had ghonasyphaherpalaids...it looks like ive already got everything shes got covered so im good:p
  5. Eh. :shrug: Been looking for a reason to break up with her anyhow. :cheers:
  6. Dude we did like the exact same thing lol. I got us reservations at the macaroni grill last night and I got her a dozen roses. She got me a card and made me a cake and she is taking me to a hockey game next weekend... I love this chick!!

    Anyone going to the GA track meet thing that I am too lazy to organize will probably meet her. I am talking her into coming with me so she can see my side of things... she hates my car, she says its so loud she can't think and I scare her with it... she'll get over it... and she's cute so who cares??
  7. Sound good. I took my girl to the track this fall. She didn't understand the whole thing until she went. She's counting down the days until she can go again.
  8. when i had my 94 cobra my g/f (now fiance) was the same way, she was kinda intimidated by it...till i let her drive it, then she friggin loved it, she couldnt be stopped after that. now that i have the 89 she is a little reluctant to drive it. shes kinda intimidated by the lt's with dumps and the c4 auto with the full manual valve body and 2800 stall i think. ill get her in it though...maybe ill just have to take it out with her one night and ill get stuipid drunk and make her drive me home hahaha
  9. lol thats always good, I told her I wanted to teach her how to drive a stick, but she's reluctant to learn. I'll get her behind the wheel then I'll get some pics of her trying to drive it. I know when she stalls she's gonna be like... what happened. I'll be liike OH MY GOD YOU BROKE MY CAR, then she'll cry and I'll be like no honey it happens all the time to new learners then she'll punch me and I'll laugh... Im an ass muwuwuhahahaha
  10. dude i got the penne rustica and it was damn good!
  11. Dude.... where are you and your girlfriend from? Cause she looks REALLY familiar, no joke.... I've seen her before unless she has a twin.:shrug:
  12. well thats at an OSU game. Im from Columbus. I go to school in Kent. I work at Easton. Those may be familiar places.
    Where are you from?

  13. LOL, my girlfriend loves my car as well, but is terrified to drive it. I let her try once, it was bad :) (She learned how to drive on a stick, drove a stick all throughout high school, and still does to this day, so it isn't like she's bad)...the KC clutch is a littttllllleee stiff :D
  14. i live in sandusky ohio.... she just looks really familiar...:shrug:
  15. she looks exactly like one of my friends too lol
  16. Thats the oldest line in the book. Youre suppose to use it on the girl, not tell her man that his girl looks familar. :D
  17. I made my lady friend dinner and a card. I got a flask, candy, and some fun ;)

    Pic of said Lady Friend
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  18. Never let them drive your car.