What Are You Guys Paying?

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  1. I'm considering pulling the trigger on a 2014 GT convertible in the next couple of weeks. I see that there is a $3k rebate, plus I qualify for supplier pricing. I was wondering what the folks who have made recent purchases are paying and what options your cars have.
  2. Down here in Texas, coastal Texas that is a GT is 2014 maybe 28,000 - 32,000 depends on Nav and such.
  3. I just orderd a 2014 GT Premium convertible here in MA. The only option I decided on was the tech package. It came in at $38.7K. I probably could have done better but I despise the game at these dealers and wanted to make sure I got an order in as soon as possible. It would have been easier to deal if the car was on the lot I imagine.
  4. Oh well, if it's what you want it's alright, I have a 3.7 2012 & paid 20,000. tn_Art Boat 008.JPG
  5. Call Ford to get your $750 coupon mailed to you!!
  6. Once you get a coupon is there a expiration date on it? I'm asking because I want to time it right with the car coing in. Thanks!
  7. I paid 32xxx for my '14 GT Premium with navi, 19s, comfort, backup cam, and shaker pro. The window sticker was $43xxx. They should be trying vigorously to unload their remaining 2014s with the 2015 just around the corner.
  8. 2014 Base GT Black with AutoTran $26.6K.
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  9. On Saturday I picked up a new 2014 V6 Auto with Appearance Package and 102a Tech Package for $21,125.
  10. 2014 Mustang GT Premium Sterling Silver Grey Automatic, everything but the Navi system and glass roof (Brembo package, comfort package, stripe delete, Shaker Pro, etc) (because Sync Services complimentary for 3 years and I hate navi screens). + 6 year Bumper to bumper premium warranty and the road hazard (because yes, I bent a rim on my Focus once).

    First thing I did was apply a leather conditioner and will do so every month to keep the seats nice and supple. Goes in for tinting tomorrow. I bought an American Muscle fuel filler door and locking gas cap, (in a flat black color) but I haven't decided if I want it on the car yet.

    All weather mats... Had to order the trunk mat from a different dealership because mine said they didn't make them for cars with the subwoofer??

    Paid Cash $36500.00 -- Paperwork was signed in 20 minutes.

    And yeah, I'll say it. The automatic transmission is nice. I grew up driving stick shifts, and the select shifting is great for the open road, and regular automatic is great for traffic.

    MSRP was 42k and they had to hunt it down for me. Loving every minute of it. I was lucky enough to get the 2014 I wanted. The 2015 has moved too far away from the original look and feel of the classic mustangs for my tastes, but that's just my opinion. The Internet Sales guy at Fairway Ford (Eddie) was awesome. Older gentleman, and was very easy going. No pushiness. Listened to me and worked hard to find what I wanted, so Kudos to him.

    I only had to wait 25 years or so since my parents would not let me buy the '69 Mach 1 I wanted and had saved for when I was 16 at the time. Later, my mom regretted that decision. Before she became ill (Schizophrenia) and took her own life (on good Friday, this year), she told me that I needed to find a way to enjoy life more. So thanks Mom. The car is named after you, Rose. I only wish you had been able to see it and take a ride in it yourself. :(
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  11. I paid 30k out the door after tax, tag, and title for a '14 GT with the Brembo package. I was under x-plan, so there was no haggling unfortunately. That price also included the Ford ESP, which was $1,870.