What are you paying for a new GT500?

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What are you paying for your 2007 Shelby GT500

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  1. Below MSRP

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  2. MSRP

    12 vote(s)
  3. 2k over MSRP or less

    4 vote(s)
  4. 2.1 - 5k over MSRP

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  5. 5.1k - 7k over MSRP

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  6. 7.1k - 10k over MSRP

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  7. 10.1k - 15k over MSRP

    7 vote(s)
  8. 15k over MSRP or more

    16 vote(s)
  1. I figured this would be a good place to track what people are ACTUALLY paying for the new Shelby GT500. The more we know, the better we can each be when negotiating with a given dealer who wants to quote eBay prices and outrages advertised prices....feel free to vote in the above poll if you've given a deposit to an agreed price or have brought one outright.

    Here is the dealer price list for the 2007 Shelby GT500:


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  2. Paying MSRP, or so the dealer says. We will see. I also heard something about a bridge for sale, but that cannot be confirmed. paknght
  3. I sold a black vert for $62k on ebay.
    It will be delivered July 10th.
  4. MSRP about 18 months from now or when they are available. If they turn out to be less fun than I have though, I'm thinking about crossing enemy lines to a vette. I've had 2 69 machs, 2 65 convertibles, 1 fox body convertible and currently have a 66 fastback and an 05 gt.....I'VE NEVER OWNED A CHEVY BEFORE, but Ford and more specifically their dishonest dealerships have pretty much destroyed any owner loyalty.

    A challenger srt8 would be fun also.
  5. I had to pay double the sticker price to order it just like I wanted.
  6. Huh??? I ordered mine, to my own specification, and I'm paying MSRP, not a penny more. When it's in, I'll have to drive 7 hours to retrieve it. No biggie. If others who really wanted a car would spread their search out across state lines if-necessary, they'd find a decent deal too...
  7. I had to pay 20K over MSRP. They sold 5 cars out of the dealership I bought mine out of and I held out until the last car was sold and everyone paid 20K, they even had a guy willing to pay 30K.
  8. I've known two people so far become Corvette owners because of the GT500 dealer gouge.

    One bought a Z51 package C6 and the other Z06. But only because once they realized how much they were "affording to spend", when seriously considering the GT500, they walked over to the Chevy dealer.

    Not really sure the point of driving customers to not only another car but other manufacture. Guess it's because the dealerships really think the GT500 is another FordGT sales gem.....it's not guys. Time will tell.

    Meantime, I look forward to seeing many a $60,000 2007 GT500 getting pasted by the recently departed SVT Cobra's left and right, even the stockers. ;)
  9. Look at the poll results above....

    This dealer-gouging nonsense is nonsense. Yes, they're "trying", but the poll shows that 11 out of 14 buyers are within 5K of MSRP. I'm one of the MSRP guys. If you're finding that all the dealers in your area are "gouging", you need to look outside your area, or get more serious. They're not going to come to the table with a price close to MSRP unless you've got your checkbook in-hand ready to pay for it, dead serious.

    BTW, who could blame anyone for buying a new Z06?? But, different car, different purpose, different personality, alot more money.
  10. yeah....so a gt500 sold at a local dealership last week for $81k out the door.
  11. I will truly be surprised, if any one gets a GT-500 at MSRP... And if you do, please post the dealer's signed sales contract... I have talked with several Central Florida Ford GM's and all of them are going at least 10K over, no questions asked. In fact some of these GM's have been calling back customers to inform them of the price increases, hoping they cancel, so they can get even more for the cars.

    I agree with most posters here, wait a year and you will see the price drop to a more reasonable price.

  12. Care to place a friendly wager?? I'm not worried about that.

    Furthermore, when a dealer does shove one out the door for a ludicrously high price, it gets posted everywhere, and you hear about it.

    Nobody hear's about the guys rolling out the door for a fair price.

    I fail to believe that all of us posting in this poll will have the rugs tugged out from under us. Yes, you may hear such stories, as that kind of stuff spreads like wildfire. And I'll say again, you've GOTTA get out of the cities...
  13. I've been informed that the lady salesperson who ordered the car for me is no longer with the firm and that any verbal understanding about MSRP are hereby null and void. A big burley sales manager informs me that "Boy, the price went up to 5K over MSRP" as he puffed on a rauchy cigar. I informed him that their greed is going to do to the Shelby what they did to the Thunderbirds a few years ago. I guess I could understand if the manufacturer-Ford, jacked up the price but not the dealers. They get paid quite well with the markup and percentage to just shuffle some papers around and send the state their share. I like the car but if I go through with this, I will think the dealer will have went to Hawaii everytime I look at the car. Am I being rediculous or stupid or both. Your opinions are welcomed:bang:
  14. GT 500 price

    I had placed my name on a list with a dealership here in Oklahoma. They called back and said that I could order one but the cost would be 35K over MSRP. I told them to forget it! I've got a '99 Cobra vert that I love, so I'll just sit back and wait.
  15. I was #1 on a dealers list as of Feb. 05' at MSRP. The time comes to order.... this March.. $15k over or no show. I said no way.. Im thinking about going to the Vette as well. The Gt500 is not as fast as I had hoped. I realize that it could be modded to be a beast. But I got a modded out beast in the garage already. It brings head aches. Im thinking of forking over the $70k for the Z06 and leave it stock with a big warrenty. They run low 11's stock and are beasts on the road coarse. It's big money to be sure. But the $15k over for the GT500 would have been $60K.. I found several Chevy dealers willing to do MSRP on a Z06 now. We'll see......
  16. $15K over sticker. I live just north of Boston, where the cost of living is through the roof anyway. I've been calling around to dealers in this area for almost a year now - and managed to be the first to get a down payment in to reserve the one that this particular dealer is getting. As far as I know, all of the GT500's in this area are going for that price. But I could be wrong.
  17. After 25 years and more than 50 cars, I cancelled my Shelby (I was #1 on the list) when the Shaker 1000 Wouldnt fit among other BS. I sold my '03 GT Vert, my Five Hundred and bought a sweet little 300C with a hemi to get me from point a to point B while I watch the BOZO 3 duke it out in Muscle Car land....everyone I know thought I was had lost my mind cause I hadnt bought another Ford, Then I took em for a ride!
  18. Paying $5K over MSRP, I suppose I can understand that. That's reasonable given the demand and hoopla. But $10K, 15K, 20K over??? I don't get it, not at all. I could afford that kind of premium, that's not an issue at all. But I would never ever commit the humiliating act of bending over and taking it like that, having the entire staff of a dealership snickering and high-fiving behind my back as I walk out the door with the keys and a piece of paper with "sucker" scrawled on it scotch-taped to my back, knowing that the only reason I'm doing it is lack of patience and lack of self control. It's not a matter of money, it's principle, pride, and plain old common sense. And somewhere along the line, you've got to realize you're shelling out over $60K for JUST A MUSTANG that they're going to build at least 24,000 copies of. It's not even close to being an ultra-rare, or exclusive, car. I learned that lesson when, in a Mustang-loving frenzy (which I do not regret), I ordered my '97 S351. But I take solace in the fact that at least I got something mega-silly rare, that will be a highly exclusive and enduring collectible. And I had a blast driving it for the few years I did. So when I look at the big picture on that car, I've got no regrets. If I had bought it just to drive, and not also for the collector/investment consideration, it would have been a foolish performance buy compared to other options I would have had. The Shelbys will be collectible as-well, but due to their numbers, it'll be a different story. Not to mention, my Saleen was easily special-ordered and obtained at bare-dealer-cost, both for the 6-cylinder convertible that was dropshipped to Saleen for the build, and the charges from Saleen. All at dealer invoice, plus $500 bucks for shuffling the paper, and they got their holdback on the 6-cyl. No premium, not even MSRP. I don't see any excuse not to buy smart when you're buying new, regardless of how fat your wallet may be.

    I'll never be in that big of a hurry to own a car.
  19. I just got mine and it was 15K over sticker. I searched high and low, called just about everyone and it seemed about the average market adjustment. I figured I was not getting any younger, so I bought it.