What are you paying for a new GT500?

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What are you paying for your 2007 Shelby GT500

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  1. Below MSRP

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  2. MSRP

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  3. 2k over MSRP or less

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  4. 2.1 - 5k over MSRP

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  5. 5.1k - 7k over MSRP

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  6. 7.1k - 10k over MSRP

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  7. 10.1k - 15k over MSRP

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  8. 15k over MSRP or more

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  1. every single ford dealership here is selling with a 20k buy in and i have yet to find a shop who isnt doing that.
  2. Picked mine up today

    Dealer asked that I pay 25 cents over MSRP so I could not tell anyone I got it for MSRP. Black on Black Vert. Drove it home today I did not even order it they just called up one day to let me know that I would be getting the first one in their allotment and wanted to know specs I wanted to order. :nice:
  3. i personally dont understand why anyone would pay oner msrp for any car.remember the pt cruiser,the new beetle,any first year of a major re do of the corvette.see what they sell for today as a used car.but i havent ever wanted a car bad enough to pay msrp as far as that goes.did i not read where they plan to make about 9000 shelbys a year.i can wait till they become regular cars and then by one.and buy the way,look at all the new gt mustangs sitting on the lots now.lot cheaper than a year ago.
  4. i think dr_joebob is full of poop
  5. Send me an e-mail and I will be happy to prove that you have no idea what u r talking about:nono:
  6. It's a quotient of patience and money. The older I get, the more patient I become... I Don't feel the need to be the first guy on the block anymore, but conversely I'll try to get in the seat as soon as I can without pooping on my principles. I would figure that anybody with enough mad-money to toss $20K +++ into a toilet just over a matter of timeliness, should already have enough toys to fill the void for several months anyhow, and wait, and keep that cash in-pocket to put toward more future toys...

    But hey, it's what makes you happy in the end.
  7. I will sit back and wait

    Been waiting for this car for a very long time. I was on a dealer's list until word of 20-30k over MSRP came my way. Sh*& I had a hard time paying for my 96 Cobra. The last thing I need is a morgage payment on a car even if it's one I've dreamed of. Went out and picked up a 06 GTO for $30k. It surpprised me performance wise a bit under rated I believe. I will just sit back and watch all these "got to have one now" people throw away their money and in a year or two I will get my new Shelby GT 500 below MSRP and all the bugs will be gone too.:rolleyes:
  8. The only way you're gunna get MSRP right now is if you're friends with a dealer.
  9. I officially turncoated yesterday and ordered a new Corvette.

    So instead of paying $35k over MSRP for a GT500, I'm paying $8k under MSRP for a Corvette. Thanks Ford!
  10. Who in this world is paying $35,000 over msrp for a 2007 Shelby? I haven't heard of anyone paying more than $15,000 over sticker. I know two people who paid sticker only. I'd rather pay 15 over for a Shelby then pay 8 below for a corvett. Thanks Chevy!!!!!
  11. wow... :lol: :lol:

    The GT500 is not for everybody, neither are the other 'specialty vehicles' on this platform. The Saleen 281E, Cervini, or even a Foose clone are built on a muscle car, winning retro design.

    Anybody who gets their panties in a bunch because the free market is at work here should sit back and be patient. Indeed, if you go AWOL and get in bed with Chevy because the dealers didn't just 'give' you a rare Shelby GT500 at MSRP, have fun with your vette. Around here vettes are a dime a dozen. I see more vettes on the road than Mustangs. I have yet to see the GT500 in person, and its being built in greater numbers than the more rare Saleens. What's that motto? "Power in the hands of a few..."

    Be patient Grasshopper...

  12. That is understandable and really an obvious alternative if you are not limited by senseless brand loyalty. I've owned Mustangs and Corvettes. They are both great cars.

    Went to look at a White GT 500 today and was really disapointed. The hood on these cars is just awfull and has no place on a $45,000 car. The only part of the car visually that is worse are the thick, cheesy, vinyl stripes.

    This car is going to eventually be a tough sell at the sticker price.

    Anyone who would pay a premium for this car would be wise to consider the other highline choices.
  13. Damn, I went two weeks ago to look at one at the dealer and they were asking $115K. Their was a sold sign on the front, and the manager said they have their first ten sold. Now, I think hes full of ****, because they had a ford GT there for the last year with a sold sign on it. Guess the price.... $240K :lol: . Whether its true or not, I wont know, Ill wait for a fair price. -Ryan
  14. 23K Over Sticker. That is how much a local dealership wants for a Blue GT-500. It was 44K plus a 23K "Market Readjustment" and it came out to be alittle over 68K.. My mouth about dropped to the floor when I saw that.
  15. I really want one of these, but will wait until the Camero and Challenger and/or the refresh of the current Mustang comes out. When it's not 'the' car to have, proces will be much better. And then I'll consider buy new as well as slightly used.
  16. Check this one out!!!

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  17. Its only money

  18. All you vette crybabys need to get a life. How many vettes are they making in relation to Shelbys?????? And will the vettes be faster? Not faster than mine......
  19. Meh... I was 1st on the GT500 list at my dealer for over a year, and then they call me and tell me I will have to pay $75k at the lowest. I told them to shove it. From what I've been hearing of the GT500s is that they aren't near as great as advertised, especially with the extreme weight, so when I was offered the chance to order a new Corvette at my own specifications for employee pricing, I figured why not. I wasn't a fan of the C5's but the C6's are much nicer in my opinion. Conversely I think the 05+ Mustang design is pretty boring in comparison to the 02 GT I currently have.
  20. A local dealer has had their 1st GT500 tagged at $65,000. How could anyone be stupid enough to go for that?

    65 grand for a 2 ton Mustang or 42 grand for a Z-51 Corvette. How long would ya need to think about that one?