What are you paying for a new GT500?

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What are you paying for your 2007 Shelby GT500

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  1. Below MSRP

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  2. MSRP

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  3. 2k over MSRP or less

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  4. 2.1 - 5k over MSRP

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  5. 5.1k - 7k over MSRP

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  6. 7.1k - 10k over MSRP

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  7. 10.1k - 15k over MSRP

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  8. 15k over MSRP or more

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  1. Yeah, but your local market isn't an accurate enough sample to draw sales comparisons if you're seeing more Corvettes than Mustangs. And I don't consider the Shelby to be all that rare when Ford is supposed to be making 8-9,000 of them. Contrary to what you've seen in your area; each of my local Ford dealers has at least one GT500 in stock, and I just saw 3 at a local car show last weekend. I've seen all but 2 colors in-person. Everyone's talking about the base or Z51 'Vette as an alternative to the Shelby, but invoice on a Z06 is $61,912. That's cheaper than what most people are paying for the GT500 with these outrageous dealer markups, and it offers a helluva lot more performance and exlusivity. Let's be serious: if you told most people outside of the Mustang community that you chose a marked-up GT500 over a Z06 costing the same money, they'd probably still be laughing at you.


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  2. 8-10 thousand per year for three years. Rare, collectable, exclusive, are adjectives that simply do not apply at that point.
  3. It kind of a supply and demand fella's if people want one the dealer will sell them no matter what the cost. Its simple and not fair but hey neither is life.
  4. Hey guys, Im new to stangnet, I just want to shed some light on this situation for all of you. I own a highline car dealership that specializes in exotic and hard to find cars.

    People that think they are getting a car for MSRP on a shelby anytime soon are DILLUSIONAL. Dealers are selling the cars to people that will pay up.... it doesnt matter that you have an order there... they will just put you off until the market dies down to take a profit over MSRP on the immediate people that will pay up. I've been in the business for 12 years and I see it all the time. Yes you have an order with a deposit, but unless you have a vin # or a ford production # to go by written on your order.... all you have is an ORDER not a car. That means a dealer can deliver on that order whenever they want.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but thats the truth. A good deal on a shelby right now is 10-15K over sticker but more in other parts of the country where demand is higher.

    Its not a car you will get hurt on if ford produces what they say theyre gonna and you keep the miles low.

    Anyone have any questions feel free to PM me and I can do everythign I can to help you.
  5. You're putting us on aren't you?
    or are you just being a salesman?

    If Ford makes 8,000 / year for 3 years, the GT-500 will be in over supply. The market just cannot support that # of GT-500s. Prices will crash and a lot of people will be upset for paying $15K over MSRP. People who couldn't afford a GT-500 at over MSRP are going to be hurt real bad when their $60,000 GT-500 with 5K miles on it is worth only $35,000 in 2 years.

    Let's get it straight, the GT-500 is nothing more than a souped up Mustang, a car that has >8,000,000 of them sold. This ain't a Porsche let alone a Ferrari or Lamborghini.
  6. Maybe people are paying more for the extra weight... :shrug:

    Seems to me you get what you pay for, the more money you bring to the table the more weight you can afford.

    Funny how an inflated sticker price internet chatter causes people to spend their bucks on a 400HP C6 over the 500HP GT-500...
  7. IS 8000 a year the planned production run? I thought it was less then that.

    I agree with the fact that people are going to be disappointed if they pay up and the car plummets in value, but on the other hand, some people just have to be the first one on the block with the car right when it comes out.

    The bottom line is that its going to be a while.... a long while until someone gets a car at msrp, doesnt matter what a dealer tells you.

    Im just trying to help guys.

    PS- I know its not a ferrari or lambo.... those are my bread and butter cars. ;)

    I have a 06 Ferrari F430 spyder with 960 miles red/ tan/ black top ready to go if anyone wants it. $325,000 (they are selling for 350K so mine's a steal)
  8. Anyone that has purchased a new car (which sould be most of us in this section) will know the moment you drive a new car off the dealer lot, the car depreciates in value. The drop can is typically 1/4 or 1/3 of the origianl MSRP on the car. Isn't that why there is GAP insurance? :shrug: The point that I am trying to make here though is that the GT500 shouldn't be considered an investment. Most cars do not turn out to be good investments. The original Shelby / Hertz cars back were (until recently) considered not worthy of collector car status.

    Most of the "gotta have it" crowd will want out of these cars in a year or two and will really be hurting. Same thing happend to the 2005 Mustang GT's... Go look on all of the used car lots now. There is almost 1 new style Mustang on every lot today.

    Patience is key. but IMO this FORD/SVT/SHELBY overweight concoction isn't the new Terminator most people were expecting.
  9. Carguy1919... You may know your F-cars, but you need some brushing-up on Mustangs... Remember the 2000 R-model Cobra? Only 300 produced, which DEFINITELY qualifies for low-low production, $54,995 msrp...

    2000 - The gold-chain and impatient crowd is scrambling and knocking each other over to have the opportunity to own one, $20-30K over-MSRP is the norm, eBay auctions are sizzling, lower air splitters are splintering..

    2001 - A handful of too-greedy dealers who spent the last year fishing for a sucker to give them $80K+ for the car in their showroom start sweating at the brow, realizing that the party is beginning to thin-out. Prices begin fizzling, MSRP starts looking good to these dealers..

    2002 - Somewhere between a dozen to two dozen of the original 300 cars are still for sale, still new and "in the wrapper", between Hemmings, Traderonline, eBay and such... Some sellers are individuals who stupidly bought them high, ignorant of the collector car world, falsely speculating that if they stashed it away in the wrapper, it would be a good investment. They didn't realize that it takes 15-20 years to run that kind of investment term, and now they just want it out of their sight. The other sellers are dealers who just flat-out blew it, tried for too much in 2000, and then continued to blow it in 2001 by foolishly continuing to attempt to hedge their losses. Now, they are asking MSRP, but willing to take less. Cash talks. In 2002 I was at a large MCA National show where a poor fella had a brand-stinkin-new 2000 R-model, with all the plastic still in place, all the stickers never removed, the foam protective blocks still on the doors, and a paltry 8 miles on the odometer. He had roll-backed it to the show, and was asking $50K even. I struck up a conversation, and bought a '93 R-model poster from him, and he confided that if he didn't sell it this weekend, he was screwed. On the last day he was down to $47K. He never did sell it, he hauled it away unsold, amidst a huge crowd of avid MCA members.

    The bubble will eventually burst on the Shelby. Because it's got a stereo and A/C, it's got a far wider market appeal than the R-models. But with the larger production numbers, the same scenario will play out, just on a larger scale....
  10. Funny how people only look at the Vette's horsepower number and ignore things such as handling, braking, balance, etc.
  11. I know right, Car and drive slapped the GT-500 in the mouth and placed the C6 Vette above it in their comparison.

    It would take a lot to get used to two different style inner doors that the Vette has, but for less dough, a slimmer diet, lower profile, and a better weight distrobution, the Vette would be hard for a guy with cash burning a hole in his pocket to pass up.
  12. Sorry pal, but 10-15 grand above an allready questionable sticker is hardly a "good deal" unless you are fool. $60,000 today for a car that will likely be worth $35,000 at best in 12-18 mos. is a complete hose job. Anyone who has a minimal amount of knowledge knows what will happen to the selling prices of any hot car produced by the thousands.

    Save your advice for a sucker as it is nothing more than carsalesman exageration and BS.
  13. The bottom line here is how much is it worth to YOU to have this car NOW.
    Can you afford whatever the over MSRP is. Some areas of the country are going to be more expensive than others. Just like ANY other product.
    If you can swing the bucks and are an instant gratification kind of guy then do it...within reason and your means.
    I paid 10K over MSRP and have no regrets at all. I'd rather drive this car without seeing another one on the road for quite a while. If you can easiely swing the price there is equity in having the only one of these on the road for some time. I ain't seen another one on the road yet and mine gets looks and compliments where ever I go. It might sound silly that something like that has a "value" but it does.
    Yeah, I paid more but I'm the only one driving this beauty on the road. Once the price comes down it will only mean there will be one passing you on the other side of the road every few minutes. Kind of takes away from that cool factor.
    I didn't buy this as an investment. I bought it 'cause I wanted it.
    I have a retirement account for my future. This is for NOW and I smile everytime it rumbles back out of my garage. To me, there's a dollar value in my enjoyment.
  14. Well from a UK market where we only ever pay MSRP or less, this is hilarious. FFS, it's just a Mustang, not a bloody Ferrari. The Vette weighs 3/4 of a GT500 and you could supercharge it as well for the premiums I'm seeing.

    Still, it's good to see how the "want it now" people mess it up for the true enthusiasts who don't actually want the car just so everyone will look at it and think "Wow, you're my hero because you've got a...well....well it's just a butch Mustang isn't it?"
  15. :lol:
  16. I've gotta agree LuS1fer ;)

    I've heard of wanting to have something right away, so you didn't have to wait to start enjoying it, ya know, personal reasons.. those are reasons that I can totally support....

    But to justify it by being the 1st one, to be "seen", sheesh, hope you get some help for your insecurity issues...

    Buy a car for yourself first, whatever the price... Then, if you happen to look like a sharp and hip dude while you're driving, that's a bonus, that's icing on the cake.

    But it certainly isn't the CAKE....

    You should enjoy staring at the car in your garage more than being stared at on the road, if you're to have any hope of keeping your head bolted on straight... Just some unsolicited advice from a forum-scribing jerk-off.

  17. Wow, you sure missed my point!
    I bought the car because I love it! The way it looks and runs. What I meant was there is a value in getting something NOW. That value wasn't the ENTIRE cost of the car! It was the 10K over MSRP.
    And TRY to tell me you're so cool that you don't give a second thought to people looking at your great car. Maybe I'm wrong but your post reaks of someone who doesn't own one.:D
  18. I'd go one better, Opant. I'd venture to say there's not one person reading this forum that doesn't consider value inherent in rarity. That's all he's talking about. It's new, nobody has 'em yet, it's rare. It's the same reason I dream of owning a Viper or a Saleen Extreme. The performance is there, but people who know Mustangs, and cars in general, are going to give credit to the ones living for today and spending the money.

    Don't hate on these guys that post up and are proud they took the dive. Someone has to be first, and for them it was worth it. That's good enough for me. It's not a purely academic proposition here.... This is emotional stuff. Opant points out the reality of him finding equity in that. Anyone picking that apart should check his / her self carefully... We've all been proud of what we owned or driven at one time... It's all good.

    And maybe the UK is different... But over here people buy nice cars and have dental plans (jk)... :p

  19. Paid 13K over msrp, had to drive from california to washington, but got the color I wanted
  20. I would agree there is value in rarity. That is one reason I drive a Mustang in the UK. But I would never pay through the nose to be different when you can buy pretty much the same thing by modifying a GT. For me, a Shelby is just a badge and just another Mustang. But I'm old and cynical so maybe I'm being too harsh on the wow factor of the GT500 which is escaping me for the moment. I suppose the equivalent over here would be the BMW M3 and the BMW M3 CSL. The latter is better but at a high cost but really looks pretty similar.

    I bought a Mustang GT Premium with 2000 miles on the clock to save myself £7000. I fitted Metco LCAs, Tokico D-Specs and Roush springs, Corsa X-pipe and mufflers, fitted a 462hp Vortech supercharger and 20" rims and better tires and consequently have a Mustang that has a higher power to weight ratio than a stock Shelby for a much lower price. If these parts weren't available, I could see the value in a Shelby but what am I missing by not having one?

    However, if people want to pay for it, then that's their choice. My point has been that by paying premium prices, you just encourage the dealers to keep ripping you off. It seems odd to buy a car for it's 500hp performance and have it offset by the weight. By the time you've paid the premium and for the mods needed to boost the power, you're talking serious money. But that's your choice too. Maybe it wouldn't even be so bad if Ford had made an effort with the interior but the Press demo over here has the base interior which is pretty dire.

    Of course, it's not just a GT500 issue. I love the new Challenger and Camaro and look forward to when I can buy one and import one here to the UK but not at a premium.

    Of course, I'm operating a slight double standard here because a new stock Mustang Premium GT in the UK costs £27000 ($50k) via one of the unofficial importers because UK tax whacks every new car but I have to compare it with what you can buy for the money over here while you have to compare it with what you can buy for the money over there. Needless to say, one of the importers here in the UK has brought in a GT500 and has had to pay the $20k premium. Strangely, he is reluctant to give a price for it....

    Anyway, whatever you drive, whatever you paid, whatever your reasons, enjoy it. If you're going to keep it forever, it doesn't matter what you pay for it I suppose and in twenty years time, the price will seem so much smaller. LOL.