What are your favorite cars?

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  1. wow, where do I begin?

    C6 Z06
    C6 ZR1
    1972 Chevelle, hugger orange with black stripes and a 572 crate engine
    Viper ACR
    06 Evo MR w/ gt35R
    911 Turbo

    ... if this is a dream list, it goes on and on...
  2. 69' Chevelle SS396

  3. Kit cars count, right?


  4. FFR GTM FTW!:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  5. That is beautiful! I'm partial to red or black for the main colors. I've never been for a ride in an older car done that well.

    I find that the ladies would much rather be seen in something like that, rather then a modern day "super car" or a muscle car. When I go to a car show I'm all over the late 60's to early 70's, and of course your high end Ferrari stuff... my fiance bee-lines right to the 30's through 50's.

    I'd love another mustang, but I wouldn't mind a 40's Plymouth Business Coupe, gloss black with 5 coats of clear, some Boyd Coddington style rims, 500+ crate engine....

  6. My old 72' Duster 340cid I'll have another one one day. Mark my words. My dream car is my old car :(
  7. Make Al Bundy proud.

  8. The body-color front drums are a little much, but you didn't have to go "Al Bundy" on him.

    Oh, wait...it is a Plymouth. My bad, carry on.
  9. Burn for the Plymouth. I gotta say though, the funnest plymouth I have ever owned was a horizon. It's just a nifty car. But that was years ago in high school.
  10. IMO that Plymouth looks t*ts man! Love big body cars especially ones with Cragars!
  11. It was just a joke. Al Bundy actually drove a 72' Plymouth Duster with an optional vinyl top, not a Dodge Duster like the show says. So with the exception of the vinyl top, and the paint, that is the Al Bundy car.

  12. thanks. there was a lot of thought into the color actually. he wanted to do red or black but thats all you see anymore. we wanted to do something different but yet still use factory colors. the top color is actually the color of the car from the factory. so we two-toned it that color and the darker blue bottom cuase that would have been quite hideous with just the larkspar blue all over :rolleyes:
  13. Mine was meant as a joke too, although re-reading it, I see how it might not have come across that way. Need more smileys!:D:D:D:D:D:D

    I am a little concerned about your plethora of knowledge about Al Bundy, however...
  14. Huge Married With Children Fan. Anyway, it came up, because there was a kid in my college car club with a 72' Plymouth Duster, and I was like "Damn, that looks exactly like Al Bundy's car." So I looked it up, and sure enough, Al Bundy drove a 72' Plymouth Duster, not a Dodge. The kid from school did have a custom twin turbo on his Duster though.

  15. I only watched it cuz I thought the daughter was hot. The mom too...:D
  16. Christina Applegate is hot, but I just like the show in general.