What blue book is this guy looking at

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  1. That guy is a retard.
  2. Wasn't that car floating around here or the corral? The tail lights look familiar. Wasn't there a thread where the guy asked how they looked and he got a ration of crap for them? I was thinking that there might have been a couple of other questionable things done to that car, but I don't recall correctly. Regardless, the bidding started out four times more than the car is worth. 8K will get you a relatively nice 5.0 car. 4K will get you a half-way decent one.

    That guy is proof positive that crack don't smoke itself.
  3. Haha, my 30,000 mile GT only books at $7,000 right now. I think that guy is just called a liar.
  4. the front driverside of the bumpercover looks ****ed up to me.

    also the backseats look a lil ragged

    the rims /tails are ****ing hidious, the only thing its got going is its a coupe and a 5.0 that clean will net 4900 easy.

    I payed 650 for my 93 coupe and all I have to do is fix the front clip(iam gonna change it to cobra GFX prolly).

    this guy is trying to rip someone off.

    I would like to know what bluebook hes using cause well I havent seen a 2.3 sell for that expencive sence it was prolly brand new.
  5. fancy seat covers :notnice:
  6. oh yeah dident you know the seat covers will give you an extra 2 grand in resale value?

    Ok who all didn't ge the memo?
  7. Those tail lights must be rocket boosters too...
  8. those taillights look gay
  9. he ruined a perfectly good coupe! :mad: :bang: :notnice: