What CAI system to get

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  1. I have a 2003 cobra. what's a good CAI system to get.
  2. That's a loaded question and you'll get numerous answers. Try a search and see what you get... Many of us run the K&N FIPK.

  3. I read a post that someone claims that the K&N lets alot of dirt get in . That's how those provide such go air flow. I would hate use the k&n and ruin the engine. Is any of this true?
  4. That is complete and utter BULL5H!T K&N filters meet or exceed all manufactures requirements.

  5. I'm going with steeda, I like the bling it gives off with my new pulley & idler.
  6. I STRONGLY recommend you get something with a filter that leads STRAIGHT into the MAF.
    If there is a 90 betwen the air filter and the MAF, it often causes turbulence and serious issues with MAF readings (trust me, I had one on the dyno today).

    Anything that puts the air filter in the fender is NOT GOOD in my opinion, unless it relocates the MAFwith it so the air can flow straight.
    I've seen AFR's go all over the place after installing an in the fender 90 degree CAI kit.

    The best power I've seen (and I've seen a LOT of 03-04 cobras) is with a straight K&N going straight into the headlight.
    A heat shield next to it towards the engine would be fine but is not necessary.
  7. I just ordered the JLT Truce CAI yesterday. It has the filter right on the end of the MAF, with no bends. And, it's inside the fender too. I'll be dyno'ing it and seeing what if any the gains are. Look for the results on the 26th or 27th.
  8. Where did you get it?
  9. How does a CAI on a cobra supercharger give up to 30RWHP? That's alot of power.
  10. the facts hehe

    here's what I have learned.............

    My car dynoed at 389 stock except for K+N drop in and silencer removed...

    MMFF tested K+N COld air system and experienced the SAME RESULTS!

    I talked to a mechanic who confirmed on the dyno, that you get the same results from the K+N system as you do from a $50 drop in and removed silencer.

    I was still going to buy the system until the mechanic confirmed what I had expected.
  11. .....

    Id spend the money on the MAF and Throttle Body....or definetely a 2.80 and chip if you havent done that already....its like a different car once you do that.
  12. I'm going to disagree on this one.... The drop-in K&N for the Cobra (That fits in the stock air box) is MUCH SMALLER than the K&N that comes with the FIPK system. Plus the FIPK comes with a bell shaped velocity stack that mounts to the MAF. This creates a low pressure point inside the filter and assists in getting more air into the motor faster. I'd bet my next paycheck the K&N FIPK puts down 10RWHP more than a K&N drop in.

  13. I agree with Uncle Meat and have the dyno sheets to prove it. I first Dyno'ed recently with a drop in K&N with silencer removed and my catback FR500 exhaust at 408.46hp/398.73tq at the wheels corrected. A week later on same dynojet with the FIPK I pulled a 420.08hp/397.93tq. I did three pulls on each date and got almost exactly the same hp/tq numbers on each pull so the car showed great consistancy{probably just good driving on my part :D }. I say the FIPK appears to give about 12hp gain over plop in filter based on my dyno charts. Hey for $55.00 I may have solved your question about the FIPK. I also have had no problems with the car running properly with FIPK and love the whine of the supercharger and air being sucked into the motor. Till next post....
  14. Oh and I forgot to add that on the runs with the FIPK I had added some 100 octane gas to the usual 93.5 that I run and it showed my air/fuel mixture as way rich as opposed to the leaner mix I had on my first pulls with the plop in filter. As I understand it this actually decreases horsepower but improves safety from detonation(?). I am not real astute on the whole air/fuel ratio business but the chart shows my first run around 13 and my last run with FIPK and rich fuel around 11. Don't know if all my ideas are correct here but that is what I have. Till next post ......
  15. Where did you guys purchase your FIPK's from? how much?
    I need to buy one for the cobra.
  16. I have the Steeda CAI and it works just as well as the others. Plus it looks great. :D
  17. check out Anderson Ford Motorsport, they make some of the best powerpipe's most of the magazine's go to these guy's to test all the bolt on parts, they found that on the 03's not many of the pipes out there did anything, but they did find that one of there own filters gained 10hp check out the site here
    the one for the 03 cobra is under new products
    I have one of there setups for my 97 cobra and it is great
  18. I have an Anderson pipe on my '97 Cobra as well.
  19. hmmmmm

    well.........maybe i should get one hehe

    Can the K+N Kit mess up my superchip tune? SHould you get the car back on the dyno after installing the K+N?

    ANother couple of Qss from the Automotively Challenged........... :nonono:

    If I change my plugs, can or will that mess up the superchip tune?

    Can plugs or the way they are gapped mess up the air fuel ratio?

    Thanks for info....especially on the K+N......i am going to get one...damn ive spent alot of money on my car in the past few weeks....and i said i was going to pay it off before getting this crazy....oops :banana: