What CAI system to get

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  1. They have one that fits the cobra.....it's in my car right now.
  2. What did you have on the car before the JLT? Stock tube and filter?
  3. I've used both the DC, the JLT cold air, and now have the JLT ram air intake. Unfortunetly, I started having issues with JLT's cold air so I switched to his ram air and it cured the problem. After about two problem free months of driving with with the cold air, my car started stalling on decel. Not on a slow decel but if had to brake hard and downshift, I guess the air became turbulent and the mass air meter could not read the incoming air and the car would just shut down. I tried turning the maf meter, cleaning the maf wires, the filter, etc but to no avail. The ram air intake cured the issue. I never had any major issues with the DC other than a slight hesitation druing initial acceleration.
  4. a K&N and thats it.
  5. Don't do it!

    I'm telling you......no 90's before the MAF. :notnice:
  6. Why are bends so bad? I'm thinking of getting rid of my densecharger just cuz i'll have to take off my tire just to clean or inspect the filter. Too much work for a filter if location really does'nt matter. Anyway, bends, why so bad?
  7. turbulence
    Thats why all the procharged cars end up going with the Univer MAF - because the turbulence is so great, it screws up the sampling on an normal MAF. The Univer samples 360degrees so its a dramatic improvement.

  8. No matter how "diecent" you can make it run, it still screws up MAF readings on the 03-04 cobra.
    I just wouldn't do it....ever.
  9. What do you guys think of JDM's cobra intake? its the 9 inch conical filter plus an adaptor plate. seems like its a solid set up in that it has the large filter, plus the straight shot..so it shouldnt mess up the a/f ratio with 90 bends..Also, what do you guys think of jdm in general? do they do custom burns for chips? If they are reputable, i would possibly think of going to them to get the pulley kit and run the 2.80 with a custom burn. what would my cobra put down with the cai, the 2.80 (so 15 pounds), and their tune?
    I just want to find a good shop to tune the car so im safe.
  10. Where's the best (cheapest) place to get the JDM kit?
  11. Ive heard nothing but good things from JDM

  12. full length densecharger :uzi:
  13. Vic,

    I have the BBK fender CAI .. It's got the 90 degree bend and it has never caused a problem on my '01 cobra's MAF or A/F ratio. But, the BBK has only given me a 5 hp gain to a N/A motor.

    I have had the car on the dyno with the BBK and with a Drop in K&N .. A/F never changed.



    You said that you achieved a 25+ HP gain from just this cold air kit by JLT products ?? I've only heard of such gains with a cold air kit from S/C motors such as the '03/'04's..

    I ask this, becuase this is news to me to see such gains coming from a N/A engine with just a kit like that.. Have you added L/T headers and an O/R pipe to help get those gains if your still N/A ?? I've always heard that the more you open up the exhaust, the better the gains will be through the intake as well when dealing with N/A engines.

  14. What if I wanted to make my own "kit". Say buy a generic K&N filter and fabricate an adapter plate (or buy if there's one out there for cheap). What size K&N filter would I need? Is a bigger filter (i.e. longer, more surface area) better (i.e. flow more)?
  15. Yes, you could do this rather easily actually. Question is why? There is already an adapter available for $65 from http://performancepartsmall.com/detail.asp?id=225
    They've already done the fabrication for you! All you need to do is choose the biggest honkin' K&N you can squeeze on there. As far as size goes bigger is better. I believe a bigger filter would have more surface area. More surface area means less restrictive. Less restrictive equals more power. The problem is you can't get a very large diameter filter to fit that 90MM mounting ring. You have to go for a filter that is up to 12 inches long. South Florida Pulley already has a setup like this for only $139. One of the cheapest CAI's available right now. http://www.southfloridapulleyhq.com/SFPH/cobra/ie_powerstack_intake_kit.htm or this one from Anderson Ford http://www.andersonfordmotorsport.com/new_products/new-46.html

    The K&N FIPK got around this small diameter filter problem by creating an adapter with a large velocity bell that doubles as the mounting ring. This allows them to use a very large diameter filter for more surface area. It also creates a vacuum effect in front of the MAF.

  16. Thanks... that was very helpful. One more thing... is the 03 MAF different than the 99 MAF (i.e. can i use that 03 kit on my 99)?

  17. i have the WMS Racing with 95mm pro m...love it!