What cam and intake should I go with.

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by davmacdon, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. I have read all the other posts on changing heads, cam and intake all at once and wish I could do that. I only have enough money for a cam and intake. So far the steeda #19 looks like it is the most ECC friendly, but what kind of power will I see out of a cam? I hear the E303 is a good one too. My only mods now are CAI, equal length MAC shortys, MAC xpipe and pulleys. Will I need bigger injectors with a cam or intake?

  2. Leave your stock cam in there and just change the intake. For the headaches a cam will give you, plus the added time and expense of swapping it, its not worth it with the stock heads. Slap an edelbrock performer intake on there and be done with it. Trust me, its not worth it at this point to swap the cam.
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    Killer Canary is right. Im still running a stock cam and heads with A Vortech and Mid 300HP to the wheels.

    You can also get a Cobra, GT 40, or Trick Flow Street Heat Intake. All will be fine.
  4. I heard that getting a Trick Flow intake and an E303 cam would be a good combination even before you had enough money to swap heads. Apparently I misunderstood. I really wanted to do that. I need the experience of tearing down an engine, I have none. I've been reading a lot, waiting to play....