What Car Can I Find 302 D0oe Heads In?!

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  1. Going to the junk yard and I'm curious where I can find these heads at.

    I have a choice between E7s, GT40s, And D0OE heads.
    I want a good compression ratio with a good flow head.
    Say the D0OE have high compression but don't flow I don't want them
    Say the GT40s flow but have nothing for compression. I don't want them
    Ect. Ect. You get the point. But I still want to know what I can find some D0OE heads in
  2. Get yourself a set of GT40P's and forget the early castings. The P's have a smaller 58cc combustion chamber over the standard GT40's and are far more readily available than the D0OE's. Keep in mind too, the D0OE's should be upgraded with hardened exhaust valve seats before trying to run them with unleaded fuel...which will require machine work that adds to the cost. D0OE's were the ticket before the GT40's hit the streets, but so many years later, you can't get a set of GT40/GT40P's for peanuts and are better performing heads to boot.

    To be frank, unless money is really tight, or you race in a class that requires factory iron heads, I'd save up a little more an pick yourself up a set of aluminum castings. Any of the above mentioned iron heads are going to at the very least require a decent valve job and new valve springs. That could add another $200-$300 to their cost. For that price, plus whatever you'll pay for the head, you'll only be a couple hundred dollars away from picking up a set of good used aluminum heads, that will not only come complete with performance valve job and springs, but will easily outperform even the most heavily modified E7TE, GT40/GT40P, or D0OE iron head.

    Just food for though. :)
  3. My spark plugs wont fit around with my headers with the GT40Ps or else that's what i'd get. But I probably should just stick with E7s, The lose in compression ratio is gunna screw me with the GT40s. I have alot of fuel to burn
  4. What kind of headers are you running? Mac and FRPP are known to clear the spark plug angles on GT40P heads? Besides....it's easier and cheaper to replace headers than it is a set of heads. As far as compression goes, GT40's and E7TE both have the same (63-65cc) sized combustion chambers. You won't lose any compression. If it's that big of a concern to you, there's plenty of material on the head that you could have them milled a little to bump it up some.
  5. Why do will you lose compression?

    I think if you cc the e7 and the GT 40 you'll find them very similar they tend to all fall in the 62cc to 64 cc stock.

    If you mill them down to 58cc the deck gets a little thin if you heat them up too much they will warp

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  6. I think you are going about this wrong. Listen to the advice being given. I know for a fact FMS, MAC, and BBK headers fit. If you already have P heads, keep them and for about $100 you can get a used set of headers and be done with it.
  7. why not just get a GT40 head and have them milled to 60-61CC?

    Rick did my heads and my car runs its ass off for what little is done to it.
  8. I have long tubes. 3rd and 7th cylinder pipes hug the block to tight. I think i'll just go with GT40s and get some kb dome pistons and jump the compression up that way. That or just 2 valve releif pistons. I have 4 valve reliefs now.
  9. Well....if you're going to go to the expense of swapping pistons, you should really consider my first suggestion and go with a set of aluminum heads. Consider...the cost of a set of GT40's, valve job, valve springs, retainers, keepers, seals,, gaskets, pistons...then the amount of work it is removing the entire engine, disassembling it, honing, replacing this that and the other.....vs just swapping the heads?

    You're far better off springing for a set of aluminum casting with the right sized combustion chambers that not only work well with your current headers, but again will provide more performance benefit than any factory Ford iron head could muster.

    You could easily pick up a used set of GT40X, Edelbrock Performer/RPMS, Trick Flow, etc heads for way under $1,000. You'll spend at least that much on a set of GT40's and new pistons before all is said and done. :shrug:
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  10. I agree. At this point though, I just want it to run and not screw something up in the heads. I just bought some heads from a buddy for 120. Ported and shaved E7s