Electrical What Cluster Can I Use In My 89 Lx 5.0

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by omarimoe, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. I have an 89 lx 5.0 with the t5. There are more than a few things that either dont work properly or dont work at all on my cluster, plus it only has the 85mph speedo. I am interested in getting one of the 140mph clusters but im not sure what cars I can steal one out of.
  2. A 140mph cluster from an '87-89 is plug and play.
  3. However, only late 1989 5.0 models got the 140MPH speedo. Up to early 1989...they all had 85MPH.

    So you are limited to finding a 6-month run of clusters for a direct plug and play application.

    If you are open to purchasing aftermarket gauge faces, you can just get any 90-93 140MPH speedo and swap it into a 87-89 5.0 cluster.

    You don't want a 4-banger cluster as it has a 6K tachometer
  4. Im not sure it really means that much to me to try and search out a 140mph cluster I just figured if I was gunna replace mine anyway I might as well look for one. Tha ks for the info though.
  5. You could always look around for an old Police (a.k.a. "Special Service") speedometer. That's what mine is and it reads to 140 MPH, graduated in 2 MPH increments.
  6. So just to be clear if I get a 140 mph cluster that is 90+ it will need to be modified? I think I have a line on one for $50, so what is involved with the modifications.
  7. There's a complete '87 cluster on car-part.com, with the 140 MPH speedo, for $75. Hardly seems worth dealing with mods for $25.
  8. but i thought they only came in 89's? if so would that cluster have been modified to fit an 87 or would it have been out of a 4 cyl?
  9. also auto to 5 spd doesn't matter correct? might have found an ever better deal on one
  10. the pre 90 cluster is different than the 90 and up due to the air bag steering wheel. The 90 and later are curved at the bottom and have the air bag light in the dash.
  11. Ok so I can use a 140mph cluster from any 89 v8 and it will be plug and play. If its from a mid 89 and older its from a 4cyl and only has a 6k tach? If its a 90 and up the housing itself is different. So if a cluster is advertised for sale as an 87 140mph cluster it is most likely a 4 cylinder cluster that will plug and play but only have a 6k tach? Sorry I just want to make sure I understand everything correctly.
  12. We can speculate about it, but don't you look it up and give the boneyard a call?
  13. I believe 4 bangers had 85 mph speedos as well as 88 and older. The 4 bangers had a 6k tach. Very tough to find 5.0 clusters in the JY as everyone grabs them as soon as they come in. You can grab the other gauges out of any cluster - fuel- oil- temp- volts- as they are all the same. Same for a 140 speedo. They will all fit in your existing cluster. It is the cluster that changed when the airbag was put in.