What Clutch Should I Get?

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  1. hey guys im about to start working on my 1980 capri and im pulling the motor. im gonna rebuild it only a gasket kit and e303 cam. it has a edlebrock performer intake & edlebrock 600cfm carb, hedman shortys, off road h pipe and dynomax exhaust. it has a world class t5 trans the PO said it was a built trans and has a aftermarket clutch. i call BS but cant do anything about it. im gonna buy a quadrant i have a new clutch cable so if the clutch is saveable ill use it for a while but it needs a clutch it grabs at the last second. so im like 225hp max when i rebuild it what clutch should i get? oh and btw im 17 so you know what this car is going to go threw. i beat the living :poo: out of my 90 lx it was my first car and im going to completely rebuild it but i need a dd so thats what the capri is for. so what clutch should i get?
  2. I put in the cheap clutch I bought at the auto parts store back in 2003 and its still going strong. I beat the crap out of my car to. Just look up the break in procedure and dont skimp on other related parts and your good.
  3. I just installed a King Cobra clutch from CJ Pony Parts this past winter. Got it on sale for about $110 and it works great.
  4. centerforce dual friction!
  5. The King Cobra will be fine.
  6. Would the exedy Mach 350 stage 1 be a good clutch? It's only $185 and I'm just looking for a good enough clutch.
  7. King Cobra will be fine. Most important thing IMO is using a new FOMOCO - not aftermarket- clutch cable and a good firewall adjuster - steeda, MM.
  8. +1 on the Centerforce Dual Friction. The times when I have gotten to drive my car the clamping power and pedal effort is juuust right.
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