What Color Is My Mustang, Color Match Problem

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  1. the lady I bought my mustang from had a car bra on the front, wich was first thing I took off when I got home... ;) .... however the whole front bumper is full of nasty rock chips/paint chips... and a bubble.. rite where the licence plate would go there is a buble, its noticeable, the bumper seems to have warped or something... any idea how I fix that... can I sand it down like the rest of the bumper and just use color match spray paint from the local store and clean it up until I can eventually afford a wrap for the car or new paint job... I just ordered smoke headlights, mach 1 grill delete and chin spoiler and need to fix this bumper up asap before the install
  2. There's a two digit paint code on the drivers side door jam
  3. this is the colour and the rock chips.. can you notice the bubble... does anyone else have this issue and how do you fix it

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  4. With the severity of the chips you'd have to sand the whole bumper down. Still gonna leave you with some holes from some of the stones. Touch up cans never really match. You're better just getting a new bumper and having it painted
  5. ahhh so ive been told.. issue is im near broke for now haha and just want to clean it up.. im thinking of getting the car wrapped in matte blue once I get the money eventually so don't want to spend the extra coin... I ordered a chin spoiler for the car and im guessing installing it would be stupid if I need to redo or replace the bumper ay... whats your thoughts on that
  6. Yea I would hold off 1. Because you have to drill IIRC 16 holes in the bottom of the bumper to mount the chin spoiler. 2. It draws attention to your bumper. You could check eBay Craigslist etc some companies have new painted bumpers for like 350 shipped. Or try and find used one in your color
  7. uggggh so don't think sanding and painting is smart ata llÉ... what about the grill delete.. I already have my grill removed. should I put the delete in.. I think it has to fasten to the bumper as well, I could be wrong but the old grill was attached to the bumper
  8. Did you get the extra grill piece with the hole cut in it? It's like an option or you have to cut your original. I opted for it made it very quick take out 2 plastic push plugs on top of bumper you have to pull bumper cover out a bit to get the hold tabs on the bottom of the grille delete piece to slide in. Then put the two plastic pins back. Pony screws to grill with 2 sheet metal screws. I recommend going to hardware store and getting stainless screws as the ones the kit comes with are not and rust
  9. IMO, a rattle can job will look more tacky than the rock chips you currently have.

    I would recommend you detail the entire car. It won't take a lot of money, and you can do the job in your own driveway/parking space. This will take eyes away from the blemishes in the front and to the deep color that your paint will have. A clay bar or cleaner wax will help remove dirt from the paint to really let it shine. Just do a search and you'll find several people here who really know what they are doing and make great recommendations. But just doing the job and putting the work in, the car will look way nicer. Sure, it won't look perfect, but you'll enjoy it and the rest of the car will look great.
  10. ahh no I bought the 2 piece.. one is the pony and the other is the black piece that covers the front part... I figured cutting a small square wouldn't be much of an issue... so if I understand what your saying, the new grill delete wont be attached to the bumper directly and there for if I was to remove or replace the bumper it wont be like my old stock grill where it was a **** to get out, I definitely don't want to damage the grill delete... I got the smoked headlights, will I be safe to put them in... soooooo you say clay bar the car and leave the chin spoiler off until I figure out the repair... because I notice its held on by a lot of those plastic screws like the old grill was and once there in, there in. don't want to damage the chin spoiler either... how hard will it be to install myself anyways in my driveway haha should be an annoying task I assume
  11. Headlights are no issue it's two metal bars that hold them in they're in and out in 10 seconds. The plastic cover piece for the grill delete is attached to the bumper by two existing plastic push pins. It slides behind bumper cover and is pinned on but not difficult to remove. Chin spoiler is 16 steel nuts bolts washers and takes time to install because you have to make sure it's perfectly centered and work your way from center or car out around to wheels. Bolts towards corners are tricky due to lack of room to reach in and put nuts on
  12. the idea I had in my ehad was do the center perfectly.. first bolt... then the ends near the wheels on each side then one by one work my way around until all bolts are in
  13. well I didn't listen haha instead I went out got sand paper and sanded all the rock chips down until they were smooth, then sanded the whole bumper down and tonight I will be spraying it with rust check primer, hopefully it looks good as a finished product
  14. got the primer on, looks great, cant see any of the rock chips any more... a couple spots where I got lazy and didn't sand the greatest needs to be touched up but so far so good
  15. Don't know if I would waste my time with clay bar, I have tried it a couple times it was kinda of a waste. If you have an O' Rielys in your area they carry the Mequires pro line car detailing stuff. You can get some fine cut cleaner and glaze that you can apply by hand but anything over that will require a DA or buffer. I used fine cut with a DA on the sheet metal but the front and rear bumpers needed medium cut.
  16. omg so im ready for paint and go to local stores looking for my color code K9 AND nooobody has it.... anyone know if another color code is similar to mine, I saw some other ford color match paints that looked like they may match up but I donno
  17. That isn't very bad damage, I mean a license plate would cover most of that up and you should do a full detail on the car to make it shine.
  18. so after sanding primer and painting the car with the wrong color paint this is how it looks... still like sh it but no more rock chips hahaha

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