What color is this Mustang?

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  1. Looks like Red Candy to me.
    Race Red is a much brighter red.
    Paint code is U6 for Red Candy Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  2. yes, It looks candy red to me too. race red should be brighter
  3. I thought that as well. But every dealer I call say it's the new race red. I dont know...rawr
  4. Look at a GT 500, they don't come in Candy Red, then compare
  5. 2011 Mustang Colors:

    •Grabber Blue
    •Yellow Blaze Tri-Coat (new)
    •Ingot Silver (new)
    •Performance White
    •Race Red (replacing Torch Red) (new)
    •Kona Blue
    •Brillant Silver Metallic
    •Sterling Grey
    •Sunset Gold Metallic
    •Red Candy Metallic
  6. Candy red is available in the 2010. Find one and look at it.
  7. Red Candy Metallic