Fox What Color To Paint Engine Block?

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  1. Hello All,

    Having the 1988 LX engine top end rebuilt. With the engine out of the car for the oil pan gasket and such I have an opportunity to paint the block. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm think Ford Racing Blue or Black. Input welcome and thanks.
  2. Black
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  3. Once you go black...
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  4. Defiantly a toss up. My goal is to keep the car stock in appearance.
  5. doesn't really matter as once you put on all the accesories and install it, you won't see much of the block. However, I recommend black as it will hide anr grime and dirt.
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  6. Troof. Once everything is bolted on you won't see much of the block. Headers and the front dress will obscure 90% of it. I still vote black.
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  7. Black or matte clear coat it.
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  8. Black, or a dark grey/anthracite
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  9. No other but Ford Blue, You won't see it though!
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  10. I'm partial to red blocks but only if the red goes with the color of the car. I did mine an old baby blue Ford engine color, which really doesn't go with my car color very well but oh well.

    It definitely can be seen on my engine, but I also painted my water pump and heads so that adds a lot of visible area. Here's some old before and after pics..

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  11. Chebby orange :shrug:
  12. I agree w/ 85 ss. The color shows through unless you have a buttload of accesories hiding it.
    Painting it black "to hide the dirt and oil" is just another reason to leave it dirty when you pull it/put it back in.
    In other words,.....paint it whatever color trips your trigger,....except black.
    Me,...... I'm partial to red.
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  13. Factory color was grey, until about 92/93 when they quit painting them from the factory altogether. I prefer a black block.
  14. Nice for sure. I see what you mean when it all back together.
  15. I did mine in black. Heard on TV or read once that black helps displace heat from the block. Don't know whether that is B.S. or not.
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  16. I prefer painting it a color that SHOWS grease and grime. This way, you can more easily identify oil leaks.

    Very likely BS. I would imagine that the chemical makeup of the paint would have a much more significant impact than the color, and even then, it probably has a negligible effect period.
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  17. Black ceramic perhaps but you are talking drops in an Olympic sized pool.
  18. If I remember right it was Horsepower TV on Spike I heard that about painting an engine block black to displace heat. They also painted the underside of an intake white for the same purpose on one of their engine builds.
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