Fox What Color To Paint Engine Block?

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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations. Going with black. Thanks to Eric at PPR. image.jpg
  2. The intake paint is an old hotrodder trick. It's one of those things that might or might not work but cost nearly nothing and as long as you use the right paint so it doesn't peel off into your engine, it can't really hurt.
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  3. Cool thanks for the info!
  4. Ha, there are still old hot rodders that think you can't mix conventional and synthetic oil. Some old tricks really do work, and some are just old wives' tales.
  5. What will likely benefit you more is to have your intake and lifter valley coated with an epoxy or whatever they coat with to allow faster oil drainage back into the engine.
  6. I was skeptical myself about painting the intake underside just for that very reason. It eventually peeling and falling into the motor.
  7. Now, this I could be more on board with. I've always been curious as to how much that stuff helps... What's it called, Glyptal? I also see people chamfering and smoothing the valley drainback holes, which does seem to make some amount of sense.
  8. But what if the coating was done in old hotrodder style white :eek:

    Mind = blown.
  9. 1620742673_532dd66d_mind_blown_xlarge.jpe
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  10. Black absorbs energy from light in the form of heat. Black, so far as I'm aware, doesn't dissipate thermal energy in the form of light. I'm fairly confident I would have noticed a phenomenon like this with IR optics or NVGs in my military career if this were the case. Thus, I'm confident enough that there is no truth to this.

    Additionally, white paint may reflect light, and thus it may reflect infrared light, or radiant heat, as well. I'm not sure how much radiant heat is actually transferred from the block to the lower intake, but I suppose there is some possibility of effectiveness. I doubt it's significant, and highly doubt radiant heat outweighs the heat of conduction or convection. However, I suppose that even a coat a paint provides a slight thermal barrier from these forms of heat transfer, too.

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  11. I would agree with Chris... any coating on the block would act as a thermal barrier and prevent heat dissipation. Color would not make a difference.
  12. I used VHT primer, black, and then their clear. The finish held up great.

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  13. I prefer Ford Blue. Way easier to catch any leaks, not that your engine will be leaking anything, but just in case.
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  14. Going with black. Thanks for all the input. image.jpg
  15. I say paint it white...that way you have a reason to keep it clean...

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