What computers do you use for TwEECer?

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  1. Im new to this site, HI..

    There didn't seem to be a lot of threads in the tuning section so I hope I'm in the right spot.

    What computers do you use for TwEECer?
    Also what Operating sys do you use.

    I was looking on the TwEECer site and one place it said Windows XP Pro
    like XP Home was not supported or something???

    So I been concerned as to what to pick out for my Operating System cause I want to be compatible.

    I was looking at TwEECer RT and I can get a good deal on A Dell Latitude for $100. It has XP Pro, 1.3 gig processor, 256 ram, 1 USB port, 15 gigs of HD free, 20 total. I'm using it now seems like it should work. I was thinking I could use an external HD to store tunes and such. This computer would be pretty much just for TwEECer RT.

    I plan on A supercharged 331 from what I read a the TwEECer RT should have the power to do what I need...right? Or should I look at the PMS?

    I just have stock 302 now and figured I could get it and learn how to use it before the supercharged 331 gets here, I will need time to save money anyway.

    I have been going to University of Northwestern Ohio and have taken Electronics, Automotive Engine Performance and Computerized Engine Control Systems so I hope I can figure out how to use this TwEECer.

    ,Thanks :rolleyes:
  2. This is a fairly well worth while topic for those searching the ebay/used options for tuning/d-logging. IIRC Vista still has some issues with the tweecer software. Not sure if you run Moats/QH that really is taking (IMHO) over alot of of the tweecer peeps.

    I run an old Dell laptop...want to say inspiron 1800 or something...5+ apple martini's has me a little "off" so I do not recall right now.

    You really only need to make sure it has USB support for IIRC USB 2.0 and that will be windows 98+ IIRC. I am running widows 2000 and it is only used for tuning. Dataloggin does not take up a lot of space/memory. At this iont in time you can get a fairly cheap laptop to do what you want as afar as tunign goes.
  3. Good idea to get the Tweecer now. I am still getting help from the Tweecer vendor. PMS is easier to use, but the Tweecer allows you to make very refined changes and will be sufficient for most any combo. Whatever you get, make sure it can run multiple tunes. My new combo is in the 12s and getting faster every day, and gets 20mpg on the street when I flip the switch to my street tune. Chris at Power Adder Solutions has been helping me. We knocked 3/10ths off my 1/4 ET with the last adjustment. I highly recommend them if you go Tweecer.

    I am running Vista. Had to solve one error code when I first launched. Only took a few minutes to get CALCON/CALEDIT program working.