What Could I Get for my ’68 Project?

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  1. All, I am considering selling my ’68 project and wanted to get some feedback on what I might be able to get for the car/project. Its unfinished and is not a driver—I am considering whether to put more time in and finish or sell as is. Also, still just considering selling, I might sit on it a while and pick the wrench back up in a few months. I would really appreciate some input on what this is worth, roughly, will help me make some decisions. Thanks!

    1968 Mustang Coupe Project

    I have spent literally 7 years on and off working on it, and this will be a great car. I have poured money into the project and had the floor / front frame sheet metal professionally replaced by a classic Mustang shop in Pennsylvania. Here are the details:

    - Coupe was originally a 200 six with a C4 automatic that has been converted to a 302 V8 with a 4 speed Top Loader. See below for details.

    - VERY SOLID shell, all of the typical floor / front frame rust has been repaired by Mid-County Mustang in PA. Full floor pans, torque boxes, supports replaced; front frame rails patched, rust cut out and patched.

    - 302 V8. Holley Contender intake manifold, Edelbrock 4bbl carb, Jacobs electronic ignition system, new standard oil pump, new distributor with Pertronix series 1 (replaces points)

    - 4 speed Top Loader wide-ratio transmission with a Hurst shifter. New clutch disc. Trans has correct oversized pilot bushing to mount with the 302—this is a common mismatch that has been addressed. Clutch pedal has been professionally rebuilt with new bushings.

    - 1998 Mustang cloth seats installed, modified to fit stock seat tracks. Provides significantly safer seats over stock.

    - Styled steel wheels with NEW tires.

    - NEW aftermarket front disc brakes, manual, single piston Master Power Brake (MPB) kit, installed. All NEW brake lines. 8” rear axle completely rebuilt by Mid-County Mustang in PA. Repainted. 2.79” highway gears. All new rear brake drum hardware and pads. COMPLETELY REBUILT parking brake system—everything has been replaced or refurbished.

    - Nice interior. NEW carpet, NEW sill plates, Grant wood steering wheel, like-new dash pad, headliner. NEW interior door handles (uninstalled), NEW window cranks (uninstalled), door panels (uninstalled), NEW headlight switch (uninstalled), NEW firewall insulation.

    - Replaced the suspension in 1997, completely. Has uprated front and rear springs. Oversized front sway bar. Rear sway bar (uninstalled). I also have NEW spring perches and ball joint covers to replace the 1997 parts that are showing some age and I planned to replace them.

    - Front windshield gasket replaced, leak free.

    What it needs:

    - Does not drive yet, not road worthy, but close!

    - Oil pan gasket leaks. I have the replacement part but it needs installation.

    - Rear brake hardware needs finishing. Parking brake adjusted. Brake system needs to be filled with fluid, bled, checked. I could probably finish this on my own.

    - Clutch linkage needs installation including holes cut in firewall. May need to replace headers with standard for HiPo manifolds if there is any interference with the clutch linkage. Back up light switch needs installation.

    - Rear seat needs to be reupholstered.

    - Driveshaft / u joints needs installation.

    - Minor interior work like repainting the inside of the doors if you want it to look new.

    - Has been garaged for years but has a leak in the rear window. I have the new gasket, needs to be installed.

    - Engine needs tuning, has only run a few minutes recently, has sat for several years. Runs rough but have not been able to tune it yet.

    - May need exhaust system mods (headers) to clear clutch linkage once installed. May need headers swapped to Hipo manifolds to clear yet-to–be installed clutch linkage.

    - Probably other minor jobs.
  2. I see you live in the DC area. Do you belong to the National Capital Region Mustang Club? You can advertise there too.
    Good Luck!
  3. I looked at a '67 about a year and a half ago that was very similar to yours, but completed and road worthy. It had a 289 and didn't have quite everything yours does, especially in the interior. The guy was asking $11,500. I know it took him at least a couple months to sell it after I looked at it. Get it roadworthy and you could probably get $12-14k. Just a guess, though. I've had a couple 'stangs that I sold and later regretted it. Unless you really need the money, keep it if you think it'll be a car you'll really like when you get it finished. Just my 2 cents.
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