What Could this Problem Be?

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by rabidscoobie, May 26, 2010.

  1. Well its not a mustang,but its my moms '99 Ford Taurus.

    On her way to work this morn she said the rpm's started jumping around then the car was losing power.I get out there and the motor runs fine but it feels as if there is no tranny at all.

    Meaning any gear I put it into it will just rev,but when you move the shifter it feels like there isnt even any resistance or cable there at all.

    She says that the rpm's jumping around weird like that happened a few times in the last couple months.

    I have no clue really on front wheel cars,but maybe cv joints or a dead tranny.
  2. My vote is the torque converter in the transmission. To confirm yourself, monitor the A, B, and C shift solenoids with an ODB2 scanner. Likely you will find more than one shift solenoid engaged at the same time.

    I had 2002 Taurus and I have friends with Taurus. Nice car and I really liked my for DD. However, they do not have the best transmission. Esp when the fluid is not serviced.

    Not a bad idea to double check the transmission range selector. Confirm with an ODB2 scanner that the PCM has the same transmission setting as the gear shift lever.
  3. I always forget about the TC's...been driving manuals too long.
  4. My vote is a CV joint.

    If the car has an open diff (and being a Taurus, I'm sure it does...) if one CV joint breaks the car will have no drive in any gear. Easy way to check: Start the car and put it in drive with a foot on the brake (for safety...) Have a friend do the "driving" while you look under the front end. Look for an axle shaft to be turning. If it is, chances are an outer CV joint has blown.
  5. Thx for the info.

    I was kinda hoping there was just some sorta electric gizmo that was causing it to keep them from needing the shop.

    My guess was also the CV's.
    My mom has free towing so she had it towed to the shop she uses,hopefully its nothing too expensive...cause if it is im sure ill be doing the repairs as usual...:rolleyes: since my dad cant work on cars anymore with his bum shoulder(bike accident) and arthritis.

    My wife also has an 01 Taurus,lets just hope hers doesnt do the same.Everytime I gotta fix something on the wifes my moms has the exact same prob within a couple weeks....:(
    Ex:My wifes master cylinder went-so did my moms,3 weeks ago my wifes ac compressor seized-my moms too...:notnice:
  6. Quick question,If the cv joint is the problem would the speedo still move while giving it gas...kinda like the tac does.This just a verify.

    The shop had the car for maybe 2 hours and they say thats the tranny is gone,$1800 to replace...they havent taken a wrench to it either.just wanna make sure everyting is kosher.