What details have you noticed on the 2005 V8 Stang?

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  1. I've been looking over the high res. photos and corral photos and I've noticed a large # of detail changes to the 2005 V8 Mustang. That is beyond the obvious things like "the mufflers are in the back".

    Here are some of the things I've picked up, what else have the rest of you seen?

    1. The intake plenum is really high and there is huge empty space below it. It looks like you can cook your dinner in there on the way home or keep your take out pizza warm in there. :D

    2. The cone air filter is gone. In its place is a HUGE panel air filter and a HUGE intake air box.

    3. There are only 2 cats.

    4. The O2 sensors go into the cats not into the H pipe after the cats.

    5. The first 02 sensor on the driver's side screws into the exhaust manifold.

    6. Those sweeping exhuast manifold make it look like aftermarket shorties will be a total waste of money.

    7. The oil filter is right at the front of the engine, maybe we'll be able to change the filter w/o spilling oil over the steering rack and cross member.

    8. There are shock tower braces in the engine bay.

    9. The front springs are up on the struts and not on the lower control arms.

    10. There is not a traditional U-joint where the driveshaft meets the differential and there is some sort of flex coupling at the 2 piece driveshaft junction.

    11. The engine oil drain plug is at the very rear of the oil pan. Looks like it we'll be sure to get all the oil out of the pan when the front wheels are up on ramps.

    12. The electrical fuse / relay box in the engine compartment is HUGE. Must be a lot of electronics in it.

    13. It's filled with gold (long life) coolant.
  2. Yep, those are interesting things. Hehe.... the front suspension is a MacPherson strut setup.... and I assume 2 cats is a good thing.... and the shorty thing is probably true, too... looks like damn good manifolds... and I think the air gap in the intake (if there is one? I haven't looked that closely), is probably to make the intake charge cooler, which means more power :)

  3. I get the feeling the production will not have 2 cats. I have no information to back this up from any source but my gut feeling is the production verson will have 4 just like the current mustangs. I think the reson for two cats and no resonators was for demonstration and marketing purposes. Someone please tell me i'm wrong.
  4. You're wrong :D
  5. It also looks like the mass air and the air temp sensor are part of the air filter housing.
  6. I'd say you're right in this, most of the newer Ford's are set up that way.
  7. I would say with the technology of todays cats, and them being placed so close to the exhaust manifold, I think the new Stang will only have 2. Only time will tell though.
  8. am I wrong, or are the bolts for the headers on the top and bottom of each tube? seems like it might be a PITA to swap headers or replace a gasket
  9. How do you think the new stang will sound, do you think it will sound better then the current stangs?
  10. from the video of the detroit unveiling, it sounds pretty nice
  11. Yes, it certainly looks like the exhaust manifold studs are straight up & down (directly above and below the exhuast ports) instead of turned at about a 20 degree angle as on past 2V & 4V heads.

    Good observation. :nice:

    The exhuast ports also look D shaped to me instead of fully round. I'd have to see them side by side, but the 3V head exhaust ports look larger than on the 2V heads.
  12. There is a fake gas cap on the back of the car. Does that mean it will also simulate an explosion if someone rear-ends it?
  13. Yes you will hear a boom when you get hit.
  14. Thank you for finally making me learn my lesson. I will NEVER again attempt to have a serious discussion on StangNet.. :bang: :bang: :bang:

    By the way, how many of you have noticed that all those beautiful photos that Ford has provided of the insides of the 2005 Mustang, the suspension, steering, rear axle, overhead view of the engine, exhuast, suspension, etc. and even the engine images are not photos of real parts. They are solid model CAD renderings. :doh:
  15. To be honest about that, renderings provide a more clear vision of what is being made. I think actual photos will follow, but I don't mind just seeing the architecture.
  16. I knew most were, but I seriously thought that a few of the interior pics looked real.

    Some people are damned good at CAD.
  17. Uhm... I've noticed that there seems to be a power retractable antenna for the radio... heh.. yep.. that's about it...
  18. Its not power retractable, its a fixed antenna.

    On show cars, they just remove it (same with photo shots)
  19. they used to be at a 20 degree angle? damn, I'm used to mine being straight across :)
  20. no room in the rear for a really wide tire without it sticking out of the fender

    the rear shock is way towards the outside and the factory wheels have the offset of a front wheel drive car