What details have you noticed on the 2005 V8 Stang?

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  1. If Ford uses their best current technology then the headers should be pretty good. Jackson Racing said the headers on the SVT Focus are so good that no aftermarket version is required, even for supercharged applications.
  2. The reference was to the 4.6L 2V. I wasn't talking about you old school guys with your pushrod engines. Don't blink or you will miss the the 10th anniverary of the end of the 5.0, its coming up pretty soon. :rlaugh:
  3. 5W-20 oil indicated on the oil filler. What does the current 2v motor use?

    No cruise control module (thank you throttle by wire).

    hydraulic power steering.

    Massive cast motor mounts.
  4. Most of the interior photos are real. I was referring to the images of the guts ( the mechanical things, suspension, engine, exhaust, drivetrain, etc. )
  5. Whew! I was afraid I was going blind. I know I need glasses, but I didn't think it was THAT bad. :p
  6. 5W20 synthetic blend has been specified for most Ford engines since 2001.

    I belived the Power Steering is hydraulic on 99 - 04's.

    Yes those motor mounts sure look massive!
  7. Ford is specifying synthetic now??? Ouch!! That stuff is expensive! My sweetie has to use it in her Z3, but changes are included in the warranty.
  8. I saw an electronic tire pressure monitor in one of the guage cluster shots. I can't find it again!! Arg!!
  9. It's on the top of page 58 in the Motor Trend article.
  10. Read what I said:

    5W20 synthetic blend has been specified for most Ford engines since 2001.

    $1.77 / qt for Motorcraft @ your local Walmart.
  11. I know that a lot of cars are going to 5W-30 now. 5W-20 is kind of bizarre. I don't think I've ever seen it.

    I think the power steering is worth mentioning because it is not electric, which is the way things are going now. I have read some reviews of electric power steering that really put it down, saying it did not feel as good as conventional power steering systems. The one car I tried with it (Honda s2000), felt damn sweet IMHO. That type of system offers a lot of advantages. If ford does any kind of significant chassis upgrades in the next few years, I would expect that to be it.

    You can thank the feds for the low tire pressure monitor. This was regulated for all '05-later vehicles in the wake of the Explorer/Firestone tire thing.
  12. the '05

    9) That is a coilover front suspension. Allows much better handling. reduced weight, ability to corner weight, set ride height, run higher wheel rates.

    Someone mentioned the 5W20. Ford went to this since it reduced power loss to the oil pump. More power, better MPG. It is a blend and you can get it at WalMart. Mobil 1 has it in full synth. (0W20). 6 quart system.

    Others improvements:

    52/48 (or 53/47) weight distribution. allows better car control ('03 Cobra was 57/43).

    Improved front roll center (allows better adjustment of front w/o the weird camber movements of the old Fox).

    3-link rear suspension with a real panhard bar (big improvement).

    Better torsional rigidity of the body structure.

    Better brakes on the GT.

    Car will be slightly lighter.

    More HP and still uses regular gas.

    As a road racer, I am very excited. It will handle better than the previous ones (stock vs. stock or mods vs. equal mods). I also happen to like the new design.
  13. According to the Motor Trend article, Torsional rigidity is up 100%. You cannot underestimate how huge that is. All the other talk about suspension configuration, live axle/IRS, etc, you can throw that out the window. It means nothing (NOTHING!!!) if you don't have a solid platform to work with.

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  14. Okay... that's not as bad. Missed the word "blend". I run Castrol GTX with good results in my LT-1, and the 5.0 '65 Convert. That wouldn't be too great an increase.
  15. Rear is ugly

    I like the specs on the new mustang. But what do you guys think of the design... I think they messed up the rear end pretty bad.
  16. What details have you noticed...

    One touch express-down power windows on the drivers and passenger side. I don't know if the current car has this but it is a nice feature nontheless.
  17. Express down AND up on both driver/passanger ;)
  18. If you go back and read the press release again you'll see that the '05 has express up AND down on both windows. :nice:

    In addition if you hold the unlock button down on the remote both door will unlock and both windows will roll down! Great for getting the hot air out quickly in the summer. :nice: You can close both windows and lock both doors by inserting the key in the driver's door and holding the the key in the lock position. :nice: Unfortunately the lawyers won't let you roll up the windows from the remote. :notnice:

    The 99-04 Mustang has express down only and only on the driver's window.

    My Lincoln LS has express up - down on both front windows and the global open (4 doors, 4 windows + moonroff). They are those nice features that once you have them, you can't do without them. :nice: :nice:
  19. The real story on the 5W20 is a bit different.

    The primary reason for the 5W20 is that new EPA regulations require the catalytic converters to last a minimum of 150,000 miles. Present motor oils they have phosphorous additives to lubricate the valves. Unfortunately the phosohorous fouls the catalytic converters. Thus all the oil companies have to reduce phosphorous content in motor oils. To get the valve lubrication properties back Conoco developed a syn blend oil for Ford. In the process they found out that with the syn blend they could make the oil a lighter weight and still get the same protection, so any gas mileage improvements are a secondary benefit.

    Most of this was all explained on the Conoco website. I don't know if the info is still there. Conoco makes the Motorcraft oil for Ford.

  20. Sweet. Does anyone know it the quarter windows open or not? Do the interior shots show a latch or something? The high res pics are a bit out of reach for me right now.