What did Santa bring your Stang?

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  1. Hey I am just starting this thread early even though we are 2 days out... Just wanted to know who got cool stuff for their car under the tree this year. I have a feeling I will be getting something good.. I e-mailed a list of stuff to everyone in my family of parts they could get me. Stuff like Cobra headlights, chrome hood prop, chrome strut tower brace, and folding Cobra mirrors, not to mention Mustang T-shirts and die-cast models of the 2005 Mustang. I'm easy to shop for, that's for sure. Does anyone know in advance what they are getting?
  2. I'm getting that rear sway bar that I mentioned before.
  3. Flowmaster 50s O/O 2.25" (ok, my check actually got those lol) and MAC CAI...so it wasn't just a K&N. Still looks nice. Now for the next check to goto exhaust shop. I'll try to get pics of teh stangs christmas day. Maybe a vid of playing lol.
  4. Here`s what I got for Myself though........And the dash kit will install this weekend......

  5. only thing for mine this X-mas is a 200 dollar detail job from my pops...but hey maybey all that wax will help with the drag;)
  6. It's more fun to detail it yourself. :) What kind of wax does he use?
  7. dunno its a local high end car was place, the est. detail time is like 9 hours and you need an apointment, and yeah i know its better and a heck of a lot more fun to do it yourself but i dont have a place to nemore.:( i cant wait till they see a pair of 98 stangs show up one white with a bunch of rubber on the fenders on the white one cause we're going on a thursday after a night of burnouts and 1/8th mile runs.:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: i hate having to clean off what my friends all call my tire boogers.
  8. Ya, you might as well mess her up since they're gonna clean it, right? If you want to be a member of these forums, you better post some pics of the stangs when they're done :D
  9. oh yeah!!!! with my new camera i don't know about;);)
  10. :lol:
  11. Got a 128mb SD card wrapped (not for me), so I'll use that for some pics of teh Stangs.
  12. nice, yeah before the last got taken i baught a 256 for her olympus...that thing held soooo many pics
  13. Well, I was trying to stay below $20 for everyone, but the cheapest one was $25. Didn't want 64 cause it just seems small to me. But spend $180 for 10 presants so all in all, I did good.
  14. wow that is awesome :nice: :hail2:
  15. Well you gotta figure I get 10% off at Target, and you can get alot of stuff there. Only thing I could not get was for my dad, but his was still easy to find for $18 cause it was on sale from $29.95. Wont say yet in case he lurks here lol. I never know what my folks do, but he is a chevy man, so this is not his place.
  16. yeah my dads a chevy car guy but every truck is Built Ford Tough in his driveway. go fig.
  17. Oh my dad will never buy another chevy car. But has an 02 silverado, 00 tahoe, and 79 corvette (hence another car lol). sister has an 03 cavi and the tranny has a minor slippage. The 93 mustang used to be hers, and runs perfect...cept the suspension is uh...dead. She wants another ford lol.
  18. lol why are there no good acronyms for chevy i saw one on a bumpersticker today for 30 minutes i stared at it..
    Cracked Heads Engine Very Rusted Out forgot L E and the T because it was that lame
  19. I guess my dad would be a chevy man too(75 vette and 70 camaro), but he's more of a muscle car guy. Funny thing is, he never owned a ford(was thinking about getting a 60's mustang at one point though).
  20. Here`s what else........Will try to Install this SUNDAY or MONDAY and post some pics.........:D