What did Santa bring your Stang?

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  1. Nice :nice: Better post some pics.
  2. I'll be taking some of my car and its chome intake lol. Should look gewd.
  3. I bought myself the Sirius Sportster Satellite Radio. For College Football next year! Cannot wait to get it in.

    I am re wiring the Nitrous putting in a radio delete moving some things around and making the interior less clutterish looking. I cannot stand clutter looking interior!

    I will be posting install pics when I get them.

  4. +1

    Can't wait to see it.
  5. So far, I have gotten Cobra headlights, a silver 1/18 2005 Mustang GT die-cast model, and a Mustang T-shirt.. and that's just from my Dad and Brother. The rest of the family is tomorrow morning.. yaay maybe someone got me a crate V8 and all the hardware needed to install it! I'll take a digital picture & post it when the presents are all opened.
  6. So opened the gifts from my parents and sisters (it's midnight! =P we are weird ok lol), I got the chrome MAC CAI, Call of Duty: United Offensive, Call of Duty 2, and a new wallet AND a new silver Mustang keychain! Now got a black and silver one for my black and silver stangs w00t. So yay! Tis a good year! Plus spent $5 on lotto scratch offs and won $10 so not bad.
  7. I opened my gifts around 6pm on the 24th, so I don't think opening them at midnight is weird. I got a sway bar, alot of clothes, CD's, and $700 :banana:
  8. lol, Santa this year brought my stang, I got it on December 14th, and so he brought it for Christmas and for my birthday which is January 5th, :-D So happy!!

    Merry Christmas,
  9. Nice, pics of the stang?
  10. :drool: got the intake installed, revved it up and I love it. The exhaust has a rumble to it and the throttle response is like BAM. I love it!
  11. :nice: Wasn't it easy to install?
  12. The MAC wasn't too bad, just had to get everything aligned and in place and then test it. Quarter mile was estimated in the upper 15s if I timed it right lol. Was going bout 90-95 mph, so FUN. And I love the sound of the engine, omg. I need some flows now.
  13. Well Christmas is over for me now; in addition to the Cobra headlights and the silver '05 Mustang die-cast, I got a red '05 die-cast to sit next to it, a Mustang calendar, and $25 at Shuck's Auto. So that will pay for something. No crate V8 this year; oh well.. I can't wait to get those Cobra headlights in!!
  14. How do the cobra headlights look for the 98s?
  15. Cheap Highly Embarrasing Vehicle Runs On Luck Every Time, CHEVROLET i got a stang hoodie and t-shirt.
  16. Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nada, Kaput.
  17. Why? Was you stang a bad stang during the year? :shrug:
  18. No my parents say my car is fast enough. and I don't need to buy parts for it. my dad flipped when the DHL man brought the CAI last year. And my mom goes on about how I owe her for 2 years worth car insurance, a speeding ticket, etc. etc. etc.

    wait I did get something for my car. My cousin got me a Flamed Ford logo that'll go in the back window and a blue lighted compass, to match all my other blue lights. And Most of you know the story behind my new tires--they kinda count as a Christmas gift. And I got the 05/06 Mustang X-Mod (much cheaper to mod out)

    P.S. does anybody know where I could get a UN-KINKED S-bend exhaust pipe? I want to take the muffler off my car. I don't care how it will sound I'm just tired of all the noise coming from the engine and nothing from the rear.
  19. Don't let them know what your getting. Ship the parts to a friends house and install it there. :banana: