What did Santa bring your Stang?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by RED98, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. for the exhaust pipe look for a shop that does mandrel bending
  2. Wait, is the stock V6 exhaust kinda quite? If so then mine isn't stock...it's got a very nice rumble at 600 rpms and single exhaust. I know the tailpipe is different, so maybe the muffler is too. It's somewhat loud, but after the CAI the tone dropped and it rumbles now. I do love it =D. 2500rpms, it opens up, gets louder and echos ALOT off the houses.
  3. Crack

    My stang got skit... The logic they have behind that is that I am getting a new car soon why put more money into this one. But I however did get her some things if that counts for anything. I ordered her some Spark Plugs that were 3 heat ranges colder than stock, that should get here today. And a nice little decal across the back window that says "Slower Traffic Keep Right"
    Got that yesterday, I am sure that was a kick in the ass to the 00 Civic SI I stomped on yesterday.
  4. The GT got a new MAC air filter, and the 6 will be recieving a whole new MAC CAI kit......BUT WAIT before you anti intake people slam me i got it off E-bay for 54 bucks, cheeper than a K&N and helps since the old one looks like someone tried to paint ALL the blue rubber black.
  5. I knew/know that one, but thank you for reinforming me, does anyone know any decent C H E V Y ones that arent as long? or are they just nonexistent
  6. Santa Brought you Pictures!


  7. blackwidow, did you get those rims? They looks sweet. More pics!
  8. Eibach Pro-kit
    Steeda Pulleys
    Steeda MIL Eliminators (freakin needed these)
    Canton Windage tray
  9. Oxy, no black dd bullits? :shrug:
  10. no, but it's ok since it looks kinda nasty with the Saleens on it
  11. :worthlesb
  12. i'll take some after i lower it, cause it looks wierd sitting up to high. needs to have teh eibachzorz on first
  13. But if they look like chit then it will be even funnier since it looks like an suv...lol oh wait, mine's also and suv :(
  14. it looks good, but before i go and take pics i want it looking really good. cause the next pics i take are going to be nice... might throw teh gf in there too:D
  15. :drool: fixt
  16. she'd do it, she's already asked me about it:nice:
  17. Nice :nice: What kind of car does she drive?
  18. Nissan Sentra... but at least it's a 5spd