What did you do for your Fox today?

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  1. header change, rad change... what else...
  2. Funny, I was going to take a picture of my set up, but you pretty much posted it....right down to the Ford Racing shift knob.

    Difference being, I just installed my Steeda Tri-Ax. Much better than stock. Very notchy. :nice:

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  3. I like the old school radio Mike very cool. That is the shifter knob i just changed. I liked it but wanted a change, I held onto it so I can go back and forth if I want. The Mach is the 1st ball type shifter handle I have used and the shifts feel quicker, you can get your hand on it better than the other one and really row the gears. I don't know maybe it might be me also :shrug:.

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  4. frpp aluminum radiator

    installed the ford racing radiator m-8005-c replacing the stock skinny rad. I hung the electric fan so i didn't have to redo the wiring. The radiator fit perfectly, with only minor upper and lower bracket tweaking.

  5. I've got the Mach 1 ball too, as well as the original leather knob out of my 2003 gt. I've rotated them all. Then thing i don't like about the Mach 1 knob is the indents where the shift pattern is collects dirt. So mine looks like crud now.

    I've been thinking of swapping to the Mach 1 knob again.....to change it up.
  6. I bought a 03 Mach 1 to replace mine with yesterday.. lol.. I got tired of not daily driving a mustang, this way I'm not rushed to get the fox body back together.
  7. Nice solution James. I installed aftermarket steering wheel and flushed brake system. Brakes still suck but the steering wheel makes me happy.

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  8. Installed 130AMP alternator......3.73 Gears......TA Aluminum Dif. Cover.....COMING SOON!!! Rear Disc Brake Conversion...Stopping is just as important as accelerating!!!
  9. How do you like the MGW? I have the 1st Generation B&M Ripper currently. And while I've always liked it. But I've heard that the MGW has a little more rear setback which would be nice for my tall ass since my seat sits all the way back. I have to lean up a little bit going to 3rd if I'm doing it quickly.
  10. Got the seats back and put them in.
    thought the flash was throwing the colors off but not using it blurred the pics, have to get some outside in the sun.
    Big thanks to Waylon over at TMI for helping out with a problem we had on my end. Great service from that one.

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  11. I have no issue with reach. I can hit 3rd no prob with my arm leaning on the window. I def love the MgW. Shifter!
  12. I put a new front bumper cover on along with, new radiator, and fan shrod, mechanical oil and water temp gauges, and flushed the radiator!
  13. I love it!

    I dunno if it's set back any more though. I haven't had any reach issues with anynshifter. I have fairly long arms
  14. I think the main advantage of the MGW is your ability to swing it side to side, moving it into, or away from your body for even more diverse shifting possitions than the standard high/low stick possition most shifters promote?

    So far, I really like the Steeda Tri-Ax that just replaced my stocker with.....but I guess anything would be an improvement over that limp noodle. :D
  15. I also have the mgw ( see pics in above post ) I don't know if I would say the set back is all that much but like gearbanger stated you can angle the handle. at one time they had more handles now they have the orange and shorter silver. still one of the best shifting shifters out there IMHO, very quick throws. even though some are not fans of the T5 this shifter on my astro makes it one of the smoothest I've felt.
  16. took my son for a ride, he still likes mine better than my brother's new 5.0...score one for old school ! !
  17. replaced my cowl

    I actually did this yesterday, but I had purchased a used cowl from a junk yard and put it on. Mine wasn't real bad, but it did have a crack.
  18. 90 LX convert got new struts and shocks today. $200 in parts and $80 to get them installed. Rides like a new car now.
  19. Currently rebuilding the rear end and put a MM clutch cable in tonight.
  20. Now new fan clutch aswell