What did you do for your Fox today?

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  1. broke a sweat walking out to the garage to look at it :shrug:
  2. Big week for mine. MM Bilsteins all around, caster/camber plates, Bullet wheels and a new lock actuator for the driver side.
  3. I took some pics.



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  4. Picked up some trim pieces at the junkyard, flushed the AC (converting to 134), and installed a larger air filter.
  5. New Valve covers (drilled for breathers), messaged fender for Supercharger 4" Power Pipe from UPR, Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator.



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  6. added some fuel and cycled the system to clear out the nasties from sitting for two years, finished up the vacuum lines, and added some break-in oil. First startup should be soon!


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  7. I moved my mic mount to the radar case and replaced the glove box door with one without the 2 screw holes (from the mic mount). The picture is a before shot.
  8. mounted the MSD 6al2 and wired it up
  9. past few days i had my radiator out having my friends dad rod it out. he heated up the cap on the driver side of it rad, pulled that off, rodded it out with a dipstick (was super clogged up with corrosion, make sure you use distilled water guys) then we put it back together. painted random motor pieces while we were wating, then put fresh water and super flush in it. gonna wait a few days then drain all of that out and put antifreese, distilled water and rust protector in there.

    this morning i pulled my dash pod back off and fixed those tabs again that keep breaking on my car, then i got the headlights aimed up. one of the adjustment screws was bent so it was camming its way around and being difficult to aim.
  10. holley and aod

    what do i need to use my holley and aod?
  11. ^^ Same!:rlaugh:
  12. Finally got my new housing back, Kurgan is coming out and tuning the car on the 13th!
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  13. Those look great, where did you pick those up at?

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  14. Drained the oil and while I was under there I cleaned up a few years of grime and stuff.
  15. Put most of the interior back together and cleaned up the wiring. Tomorrow rest of the interior and rest of the wiring
  16. Replaced the 17 year old Uniroyal RTT-1 225/50-16 tires (only 10k miles, but as hard as hockey pucks) with new Falken Ziex 512 235/55-16 tires (mounted on mid-90s AR-534 wheels) on the 90 LX 5.0 convertible.
  17. I changed the exauhst crossover valve, if your going to do it get a 1 1/16 for the back side bolt on the crossover tube and a 1 1/4 for the bolt on the valve. took mine out and the guts fell out, that and the many cracks and rotted holes in it tells me that it was probably bad.
  18. Took it out of hibernation, cleaned it up, and FINALLY got her back on the road...and took this pic

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  19. about time you cleaned that filthy thing!:D
  20. got bored last night so I pulled the windshield trim and rattlecan'd it with Duplicolor flat trim. Not show car finish but better than the flaking mess they were.


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