What did you do for your Fox today?

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  1. today on my 93 i pulled the shift boot to figure out why it was so loud and hot down there and i then figured out that the plate with the rubber boot that covers the floor was missing. found it in the hatch cut a section out of it to fit around my hurst shifter and bam. night and day difference
  2. made me figure out how imma afford rockers/guides plates/studs
  3. Gave my car it's weekly start up/idle/drive around parking lot today.

    Ran the codes and got a code 23 for the tps. Check voltage and found it was within accepted range, but then found both tps screws loose. Tightened up, cleared code and found it idling much better. Was wondering why the idle was hanging at times.

    Checked timing and bumped to 13 degrees. Added 1/2 tank of 93 octane.

    Hasn't driven on the road since nov '10 :(
  4. changed my rims out.. going to the track tomorrow :flag:



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  5. I put a new rack & pinion on mine today.
  6. Just installed a new steering shaft rag joint. Thought it was gonna be a huge PITA but really wasn't bad at all haha
  7. I need to do this, is there a write up (with pics) on how to do it, it looks like a huge PITA!
  8. That's what I thought too, but really it ain't bad at all, and I have a 351 haha. Its all pretty straight forward really, mine was completely broken on mine so I had to do it asap. Jack the front end up so the front wheels are off the ground, then use a socket with a wrench holding the nut on the back side and take the two bolts out at the joint itself. Then undo the bolt that holds the intermediate shaft to the steering column right at the firewall. Then just wrestle the shaft out of the car. I then put the shaft in a vice and used a drill to drill the two stud looking bolts out and used a punch and knocked them out. Put the new rag joint in with the new bolts where the studs were then put it all back together. Took about half hour or so, really not that hard at all
  9. Finally finished by auto to 5 speed conversion. Never do that again. But I sure did miss having a stick. Love it.