Mach 1 what did you do to keep mind clear while awaiting??

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by oogtdude, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. i cant sleep or think about anything but my mach and i have to wait 2-4 weeks for my stealthy black mach!!!....... :bang:
  2. Know the feeling.

    I had to wait 9 months!!!! :D :bang:
  3. i waited about a week and a half and it drove me nuts, I would have died from sleep depravation in 9 months!

    I spent alot of time reading up on them and pickin out future parts!
  4. I had to wait like 6 sucked! But, I just enjoyed my GT while I still had it and envisioned myself cruising the streets in my new mach!
  5. yea i enjoy the GT...i HATE to get rid of her :( :( :(
  6. Yeah but you'll forget all about her once you get the me!
  7. Exactly, I loved my GT, but the Mach 1 is so much more fun!! About the waiting, I just drove up to the dealer and made the trade :p
  8. yeah that must have been nice...the waiting sucks!!! All the anticipation and excitement.
  9. when i rev my gt the revs jump fast like..the mach i test drove went up kinda slow? is this because its tight?...does your mach rev as fast as your gt?...for instance if u just tap throttle the tach bounces fast..the mach didnt?
  10. LOL - I thought it sucked that I had to try to sleep over only one night after I decided that I was going to go down and buy my Mach.

    It's worth it, though!! If you haven't already, go check out - lots of good info about our Machs!

  11. I wasn't planning on buying one just yet, but it sneaked up on me and I had to have it. But I have a long Mustang relationship with my dealer so I got to take mine home while they did all the paperwork. So I didn't have to wait but it would have been murder on my sleep.