What did you do to your classic Mustang today?

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  1. Idea stolen from another forum which they took the idea from yet another Forum, but here it goes, so let's hear it.
  2. trying to get the air out of my brake lines....still no luck :-\
  3. Nothing :(

    Is this a copy of the "what did you do to prep today" arfcom thread is it? :D
  4. A few days ago I dropped off the '66 rear I intend to put into my '65 at the shop to get worked.
  5. Drove it.................and then drove it again.
  6. in 20 minutes i will picking up my boys from the bus stop....
  7. Nothing today. But I drove it all weekend. Actually, ever since my heads/cam swap, I'm always in this car unless I'm going to/from work.

    I went to a car show Saturday, but didn't enter it. I parked close though, and when I cranked it up and drove off everyone in the place was staring at it. Then on the way home a truck came up next to me and the lady in the passenger seat was taking pictures of it. People stare at it everywhere I go.

    I can't imagine how people will react when it's painted.
  8. Lucky............... lucky!
  9. drove 'er to work today with the top down............50 miles during rush hour ...........

    watching the clock waiting for the ride home.......:cool:
  10. Thinking about changing the strut rod bushings tonight. I've been meaning to do it for a while.
  11. winterized it for the year... :(
  12. Unpacked the front end rebuild kit that the man in brown delivered 2 days ago, looked for a new spedo cable and rear leafs but since today is homcoming for the 16yr old owner - all this will probably have to wait until next weekend to actually install....

    He is one lucky boy, his date AND her parents think his car is pretty cool.
  13. Replaced the rear leaf springs and eliminated the extended shackles that the PO had put on there to counter the sag of 45 years. she sits perfect again and no ugly shackles hanging down.
  14. Car is currently in body shop but cleaned out garage for when it comes home.
  15. Today I fitted new fenders and hood on my 67, its going to be a while getting those body gaps how I want them!
  16. I put in a new temp sending unit, now all my guages work again. Took it for a 30 mile drive. I still dont have 100 miles on this engine build. Im so happy to be behind the wheel after 4 years. I dont have the headers on yet but it still sounds mean. Trying to find the timing advance that it likes because I live at 8000 ft elevation.
  17. Didn't really do anything to it, but took it for a drive yesterday, me and the wife went and grabbed a burger from Dairy Queen. Love me some Dairy Queen!

    Okay, enough about driving. I promise the next time I post in this thread will be after I worked on it again. Probably a strut rod bushing change, or piddling with the carb.

    I do have a nitrous kit that needs to be installed.
  18. i looked at a picture of it on my computer and reminded myself that i will be out of this God forsaken country and back home to in in a week! hell yeah! then starts all the fun stuff!
  19. getting ready to wrap her for winter???:(:(:(
  20. I adjusted on fender/hood gaps. I was initially shooting for perfection, now im shooting for what I can live with! Installed my front valance, now the car has all its panels back on it! Next is to work on those pesky rear quarter extensions and trunk alignment...