What did you do to your classic Mustang today?

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  1. I am happy to say that after a complete summer of working on the car every day, I will mostly be driving it from this point forward.
  2. Measured the front stabilizer bar at 11/16" for new bushings.
  3. finally mounted my front license plate.............i hate it, but i am afraid that i'll get pulled over without it.........

    driving to

    Special Event Productions, Inc.


  4. Well, I washed my car for the first time in literally ten years yesterday and my brand new back windshield leaks.
  5. Moved my 65 from my garage to my Father-in-law's garage. Then put his 71 Firechicken in my garage to finish his body work. 71 T/A clone with fresh 400. My little 289 doesnt stand a chance. I feel a 408 stroker comin on!
  6. drove the car this morning, it seems to love the lower temps of fall. coming home after a stop sign made a right turn and stood on it..as the car shifted into second gear the rear end hit a bump in the road,it broke the tires loose and they started to peel out.. i just kept my foot to the floor with smoke everywhere. gotta love it!
  7. Umm, that sucks, who installed it, you? Not being smart just asking.

  8. The body shop where I had it painted did it. They will warranty it when I get it out of storage in the spring. More of an inconvenience than anything. Car never sees rain, but I do want to wash it once a year.....LOL!
  9. Today I hooked the Oliver up to the '65 and towed it into the garage to finally get started on it!
  10. Decided to sell it complete...does that count?
  11. Breaking in the new motor, cruised in the mountains for about 75 miles. I installed the courtacy lights. I finally ripped out the yellow spark plug wires and replaced with hipo 289 style wires.
  12. Rear wheel back on, off of jackstands, moved forward in driveway and wrapped for winter..........:(:(:(
  13. Fritz we still have 2 months before we get burried in snow, don't quit yet!

    On another note, I just got mine started for the first time today.
  14. Too wet here.....lotta rain since August and more on the way....days getting shorter, lousy light.....Work and classes.......
  15. Bummer Fritz.

    I guess you will have to look forward to next year then.
  16. fit side cowl and lower cowl (follow my trend for more)

  17. Advanced!:hail2:
  18. naked butt

    Exposed her rear end in preparation for some prep and primer.

  19. Removed a poorly installed and wired aftermarket stereo.
  20. Took the 66 to the last car show for the year placed in the top 25 it was a great day now get it ready for winter