What did you do to your classic Mustang today?

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  1. welded side cowl and upper cowl. rust treated done for today.






  2. The '67 is starting to look really good there!
  3. sanding

    started sanding the trunk and quarter panels gonna primer and paint her myself



  4. Just drove it to work today, and I think i'm going to retire her for the winter and start tearing it apart for the new intake and carb I have sitting at home! And also do some bodywork. Maybe I will bring her out when it's not 15 deg. outside.
  5. drove up to my Mom's and did some of that free work at her place. I have just recently decided to keep this car (I had considered selling it), get it out of the basement garage, and make it a semi-daily driver.

    <img src=http://i34.tinypic.com/315emms.jpg>
  6. I think I'm going to go install my nitrous kit today. Everything but the plate. I can't put it on yet due to hood clearance issues. I think I'm going to have to take this GT turn signal hood off and put on a plain hood with a cobra jet style scoop with a hole under it.

    First I'm going to search the tech forum for solenoid placement and line routing ideas.
  7. Haven't done anything to the car per se...but I updated my gas mileage logs. Not that I'd be driving a car like this if that's all I cared about, but I love the car and if I'm going to be driving it anyway, it might as well cost less :)
  8. messed around with the heater core, got it working perfectly!
    much warmer drives now. :]
  9. I installed my nitrous solenoids a few weeks ago. Today I ran the nitrous line. Pretty soon I'll be doing a few things to finish up my install.

    I also cleaned up some wiring mess hanging down under my dash. It sucks that a previous owner screwed up all that wiring and I have to go back and rig up a lot of it because I can't afford to do it the way I'd like to (a new painless harness).
  10. Walked past it in the garage and am now considering selling it to build something else.
  11. why >? :shrug:

    and what are you looking at for a project?
  12. I've owned this car for nearly 10 years and had it driveable for over three. It's time to move on. Probably a '66-'67 Fairlane next. It's long been a favorite, but I need to sell this car first.
  13. Test fitted my blower. Yup, going back to being what my username implies. Blown65
    Sorry for the crappy pictures. Was dark and my phone takes awful pictures in those conditions.

  14. Changed out my summer metering rods for my winter ones. I can do in 2 minutes what they put $1000 worth of sensors and computers in modern cars to do :)
  15. Finally got the front end suspension rebuild done Sunday, aligned yresterday and test drive. Purchased new racing style seats, carpet and sound deadner and started gathering the materials for the finaly body work, primer and paint over Christmas break.

    Then install the interior - and beg the owner (my 16 yr old) to let his old man drive it once in a while....
  16. Seats - installed new (to us love craigslist $50 bucks for the pair) racing style seats. Had to build brackets and the result is wonderful.

    Next - final body and paint.

    Then interior reasembly and get her done. Hopefully all over my son's holiday break from school. I think all we need is a headliner.... but there is always something more.

    And yes those are Christmas lights in the picture, he has them wired to the speakers so they flash with the base. Silly teenagers.


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  17. Fixed my rear brake pad (amazingly had one of the tension springs break, never had that happen before) and fixed all that with new parts, etc. Drove it around and trying to decide whether or not to replace the stock intake with an Explorer one I have laying around. When it was laying around, I even felt bored and played with polishing it... should look good. I will post pics later.
  18. Installed a electric windshield washer system on my 67 Coupe, including new reservoir. Wired the electric pump to work when I press the foot pump pedal. Works lots better than the stock set-up and only cost me $15 total.
  19. You are going to have to give us the detail then... I still have to set one up on mine as I didnt even install the foot pedal yet!
  20. Nothing to the Mustangs, but I did the body work and epoxy primed the drivers side fender of the 65 Falcon that was run into last weekend while Christmas shopping.... Whoever hit it didn't bother to leave a note or number:mad: So much for the Christmas spirit!!! I'm actually not as upset as I expected since I wanted to two tone the car this spring, now I have no excuses.