What did you do to your classic Mustang today?

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  1. Well, I went out and started it and let it run for awhile then pulled it back into the garage. I have the Petronix on order and will be installing it when it comes in.
  2. well... not all today. I have moved car into garage and placed front on jack stands,removed front end, gutted the interior, removed radiator,fan,batt,belts,alt,and water pump. Completely stripped whole front end to bare metal, repainted with gloss black eng enamel in eng bay and undercoated inner fender wells. Reinstalled new aluminum high flow water pump, belts,pulleys, ac comp and fan. Bought new front fenders,splash shields and bolt kits as well as shelby lower apron with cutouts for bumper. Installed a chrome curved monte carlo bar,have a chrome shelby style export brace as well. the new right front fender is on,new strut rods/bushings. As soon as i adjust brakes up i'm moving car and putting left frt fender on to fit new lower valance.
  3. I put mine on the trickle charger. Spring is coming... hopefully
  4. I cried a little, knowing how I've neglected something that has given me so much joy in the past.
  5. Continued stripping it down.
  6. Not really what I did, but why my body man did...He is fitting the fiberglass quarter panel extensions for the shelby trunk lid today. The last few steps before paint!
  7. I can finally post in this thread :nice:

    So today I installed my new flaming river steering box and idler arm. I also installed a collapsible column from a 69 (nice safety feature), just have to hook up the rag joint (came in the mail today). I finally put in my lowering coil springs. You can get a lot done when it's 60 degrees out.

    This weekend will be full of finishing up the turn signal switch and starting to work on my rear disc brake set-up.

    Cheers to all those working on their stangs :nice:
  8. Today I will wash her up and get her ready for the weekend. Going to take the kids to the Donut place tomorrow. Going to be in the 70's ..NICE! Should be a lot of cool cars at the Donut place tomorrow.
    Can't wait!!!!
  9. Today I took the door panels off, and put some new linkage clips in so I can open the doors from the outside again, lol. I also fixed a problem with the regulator in the driver's side.
  10. Tonight I'm going to find out why my dash lights aren't getting power, and fix that.
  11. Oh man, nothing is ever simple. I found out that my problem is more than likely my headlight switch, however, I also found out that I'm not happy with how I made my wiring harness for my gauges. A few years back I swapped all my factory gauge for autometers, and looking at it now I don't know wtf I was thinking with the wiring. So now I'm designing a whole new wiring harness (and diagram for future reference), and I'm also wiring in the hi beam indicator and turn signal indicators, which I didn't do before because I didn't really car, but now I'm using LED's for those.
  12. Drove over to Mustangs Unlimited and picked up a Ford Tooling Front Valance.
  13. I've been doing this over the last couple of weeks, but didn't want to be the only one posting on this thread every day.

    So since my last posts, one of the things I've done is fix my steering column. It had a lot of up and down play in it. When I was screwing around with my dash cluster, I noticed the plate on the bottom of the column didn't seem to be on right. I took it off, and slid it back into the right position and now have a solid column. It was real weird how it was on there. I also straightened the steering wheel.

    Another thing I did is finally fix the shaking issue I've been trying to figure out for the past 8 freakin' years. It was a real simple fix too, and should have been one of the first things I looked at. The drums were out of balance. I've had 3 wheel/tire combos, 4 driveshafts, and replaced an axle shaft all in the attempt to fix it.

    That was the only thing that kept me from driving my car more. I would get tired of it after a day and not drive it again until the next weekend. Now I'm going to drive it everywhere. It might even be my DD for a while.
  14. This weekend I replaced the passenger side rotor for warping, which was pretty much brand new, <1500 miles on it.

    Bought a real good bearing packer and packed the front bearings... amazing how much better the car coasts now. The warped rotor which was barely even warped, was causing a lot of drag.

    Also tighten up the backlash in my rack and pinion, and adjusted my shocks.. It feels like a brand new car now! Just wish i could have drove it for more than just a test drive :(
  15. determined to get the floors finished over the weekend ! hurray for 60f weather !!!!
  16. I had mine aligned Friday, and I've put about 400 miles on it since then!
  17. Still taking it apart.
  18. She got new shoes today!
  19. I have been detailing the Engine and Engine compartment for the last two weeks. I swung the Engine back in today, installed the headers, A/C Compresor, and some other things. Tomorrow I hope to get it all buttoned up and driveable. There is a small show on the 16th and I intend to win 1st place in the 71' to 73' class. I will post some pics soon. :flag:
  20. I keep debating whether or not to drop the $$ and start the next weekend project...Borgeson power steering conversion:shrug: