What did you do to your classic Mustang today?

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  1. Are you running an Automatic, or a Standard trans?
  2. Welded in the replacement battery apron, made some patches, and fixed the half-azzed holes to PO put in the radiator support for an AC system that didn't work. Also re-aligned the doors. All on the wife's coupe of course...haven't touched mine in a while:cry:
  3. We finished replacing all the old wiring with a full reproduction wiring harness. We also added an auxilary relay controlled and fused power distribution block for all the stuff that did not come factory on the car.
  4. Then you should have no issues with the Borgeson kit. For not much more you can put a TCP R & P.
  5. Thanks for the info mustangmatt. Funny you mention that as I have always figured I was going to go with the TCP R&P until I saw the Borgeson kit. Would you recommend one over the other? Thanks for any help:nice:
  6. I polished and reinstalled front and rear window trim.
    Cant find my rear top corner pieces DAM
  7. Honestly, I have no experience with the Borgeson kit. I just know that the fittings on the box interfere with the stock clutch bellcrank. It is nice that it includes a Pump, although it looks kinda GMish.
    I have installed the TCP rack and driven three cars that were equipped with it and it is probably the nicest set up available. I have thrown a Flaming River rack as far as I could because it's junk. I was only mildly impressed with the Steeroids kit I installed. The RRS is also nice if you dont mind waiting for it to come from Australia.

    A few years ago I learned an expensive lesson on the F R rack, then I talked to a guy who told me some people were going to make a kit using a Chevy Cavalier rack. So, motivated by anger, I went to the Junk yard and yanked a Cavalier rack and made my own. I was thinking of marketing it but then I got busy doing other things and too many other people started making kits that were a little more refined than mine. I need to clean up the center link a little, but it works real good. The rack from the JY failed eventually so I replaced it with one that was for a Cavalier with the "touring" suspension. It's less than 3 turns lock to lock.


  8. towing her to a shop to have the trans rebuilt :(
  9. Cleaned and prepped my driveshaft for a light coat of POR 15